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How long do you think you would last adrift in the open sea?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18970points) December 18th, 2012

Five Jamaican boaters were adrift in the sea for three weeks before getting rescued by a cruise ship. Link.

How does one survive for three or more weeks out there assuming water and food run out? Do you know of any survival skills uniquely suitable for this harrowing life and death scenario?

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I’d last 2 days at most. I’d probably die of sun stroke (assuming, of course there was sun.) I’d prefer NOT to drown. I know nothing of survival skills except that you can drink your own urine if you have to and eat seagull. And if you’re on a raft or a boat with provisions would make a difference too. I don’t even like to ponder this situation.

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Porbably not too long, after a few days I’d probably jump in and let the sharks have a nice meal. I’ve read several books about this and it sounds excrutiating, I’m just not patient enough to try to survive.

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These kinds of questions are real easy for me to answer: Until I ran out of glucose or insulin.

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I don’t suppose that I could last for weeks, but I’d last as long as I could, knowing that it had been done before.

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Having just seen that movie, Life of Pi, I have a lot more ideas about how to stay alive.

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Not long. I am a bit of a sook too. You would have to hope you weren’t in the boat with me. I want to see that @wunday. I think I would rather be in a boat sans tiger.

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It is arguable that the tiger saved his life. Without having to deal with the tiger, he wouldn’t have figured out how to live.

So, who knows. If you ever were in a life boat, you might want some kind of enemy, too, oddly enough. I’d offer my services, but I’m really not into being marooned at sea.

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Oh are we enemies? How exciting! I do agree on the role of the tiger but I’m still not sure I want to be in a boat with one.

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Hmmm. I’m not sure I said that the right way. Let’s put it this way. I’m not an enemy, but I do play one on TV.

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Well that’s good. Life is much too short to be enemies.

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twenty days, 14 hours, 38 minutes, 48 seconds

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Fuck all, that kind of thing doesn’t float my boat.

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