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Who watches the watchmen when it comes to Parking Tickets?

Asked by DrewJ (427points) December 18th, 2012

So I get a $160 parking ticket yesterday for parking in an Anti-Gridlock zone. The thing is – The sign clearly states that parking is ALLOWED until 4pm. I only had to drop something off at the UPS store real quick and it was 3:55. So I go in and out and I’m back in my car by 3:57 (no exaggeration). And I have a parking Ticket! I saw the parking lady and I was like, “what the heck?,” And of course she was the coldest, rudest, “I-hate-the-world” type person I’ve ever met.

The parking ticket is even time-stamped for 3:57!

I know the way the parking enforcement office works. It is Nazi-Germay down there.

My question is, who watches the watchmen? What Can I do about this?

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You take a photo of the place you were parked, complete with the sign saying that parking is allowed until 4:00. You go to court to dispute the ticket, bringing with you the photo and the ticket with the 3:57 time stamp highlighted. When the judge calls your name, you present your evidence and hope that s/he is in possession of basic reasoning skills.

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@SavoirFaire got it right. That’s the best.

In many places parking tickets are outsourced, and you have to appeal by mail. Keep your originals and send copies is that is how you have to proceed.

Our local rapid transit has a parking pay system where you display a placard, and then pay inside by using a pass card at a card reader. It doesn’t issue receipts, just flashes OK. I came out one day and found I had a ticket despite my having flashed the reader that morning. I challenged it, and I got back a response that they were giving me a “Courtesy” voiding of my ticket. If they had said no, I would have been shit out of luck.

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Good evening.
Great question.
Here are some tips you may wish to consider:
1. Every City has it’s process to fight a parking ticket
2. Learn the process
3. There are several ways you may consider to fight this particular “time related” parking ticket
4. Submit an affidavit testifying that you looked at your watch and the dashboard clock and both indicated it was not 4 o’clock.
A. Where were you coming from. Does it make sense that you arrived back at your car prior to 4?
B. Can you secure a certification from a person who can testify in a certification that you left the meeting, store, etc. in sufficient time to arrive back at your parking space?
C. Recount your strategy in returning to your parking space prior to the witching hour

Please check out the rule and the defense. For example, in NYC you must submit proof by mail, in person, or online to contest a parking ticket. Ties go to the parking ticket warrior.

Good luck,

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