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What's the first thing you will do, next Saturday morning?

Asked by rebbel (24956points) December 18th, 2012

In the unlikely event that we all will wake up the coming Saturday, in the world as we knew it, safe and sound…., what will you do first (totally overexcited and full of joy)?!

And while we are on the subject: what time and which timezone is it all suppose to happen?

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I will go to work.

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I’ll be trying to keep my grandsons from opening their presents. It will be the first day of a two week stay at Grandma’s house, and two days before Christmas.

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Make coffee.

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The very first thing I’ll do is amble to the toilet to relieve myself, and then I’ll make tea in the kitchen. Once I realize the world hasn’t ended, I’ll dance a quick jib to annoy the neighbor downstairs.

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Get up, dress, check my morning podcasts, walk down to Starbucks for a latte and the paper.

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Seriously? Fluther.

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Make coffee and breakfast for my wife. Feed the dogs and get the newspaper.

Then Fluther.

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Have sex.

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Kiss my son who I’ll be visiting for Christmas.

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Take my car in for an oil change as planned.

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Climb Kilamanjaro.

I’m doing Everest in the afternoon.

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Stretch, have a smoke, pee, Fluther. Life is good!

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Get presentable to go to the river edge with my fellow worshipers and praise the Lord.

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What is this ’‘morning’’ of which you speak?

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Stretch, fart, belch & try to remember who my footy team is playing that day.

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I have to go and feed a customer’s cat!

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I will thank the Lord for another beautiful day. He has kept this world going for 6–7 thousand years so far. He orchestrates all the intricate events of our complicated lives every day. I have faith that He will keep it going for as long as He wants to. When His plan comes to a close, I won’t be afraid – I know I’ll spend eternity in peace and perfection.

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