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Did Scotland act swiftly and effectively after a mass shooting?

Asked by flo (12907points) December 18th, 2012

What other country managed this problem well? Is America going in that direction too? What kind of reason do people give for needing the assault rifles?

here one article about Scotland.

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Context, please?

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I added to the detail @bookish1
here is another one.
The context is the connecticut shooting seems like things are going to change in America. People are hoping anyway.

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Israel has a lot of experience with this. With America, it depends on the state.

The reason for why we need assault rifles is the same reason you want them banned. Since they’re much more proficient at killing, it’s equally the primary weapon of choice for self-defense. Just like a handgun is the primary weapon over the knife since the knife is the weaker weapon. You don’t want to have a nice fight with the criminal when he enters your home, you want him dead before he has a chance to harm you. In public, the handgun is more practical to carry, but at home, the assault rifle is primary and the handgun is secondary. There is no shortage of crime, riots and tyrannical governments and that is why you need the best of the best to increase your chance of success.

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it’s the primary weapon of choice for self-defense

Few people have them but they’re “the primary weapon”?

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Both Scotland and Australia limited gun access after mass murders.

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@suzooz “The reason for why we need assault rifles is the same reason you want them banned.”? Would you please elaborate? There is no shrtage of crime in other countries either by the way.

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Maybe one of the greatest crimes in America is that you can just walk into a Walmart, even and buy one @suzooz No psychological assesment or anything?

@janbb yes, I think there is a couple or more countries too right?

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Well from a technical point, it’s the better weapon, but it’s true, different states have different laws, all people are different, and so their criteria for their weapon of choice are different. The point is the same though because it’s the better weapon, a person should be able to have the best chance to defend him or herself.

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What wasn’t clear in my first answer?

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@flo, I read something the other day about South Africa and their response to gun crime. Apparently, they didn’t have this sort of event but came to the realisation that gun crime was out of control, and had a gun buy back. If I can find it I will post it. However, you might want to look at South Africa.

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@flo the NICS system is in place to prevent prohibited people from purchasing guns. Current Federal health laws regarding privacy make it an incomplete system as medical records are shielded from entry into the NICS sytem.

You can not just walk into a gun store or a Walmart and buy a gun no questions asked. You fill out a form which is sent to the feds for a background check which you have to pass before you can leave with your purchase.

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You can not just walk into a gun store or a Walmart and buy a gun no questions asked.

No, you have to go to gun shows for that.

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@jaytkay You need to pass the NICS check at gun shows too, if you buy from a dealer.

Private sales from citizen to citizen are not checked, but most gun shows now require vendors to pass all sales through NICS as part of getting their permits to set up a booth.

Some states do require private sales to be vetted by local law enforcement or FFL holders.

It is not as easy as the media would have you believe to legally purchase a firearm in the USA.

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Nothing will come from this event. Nothing will change.
Conservatives will dream about how they would have been big arse heroes and Rambos had they have been there, reasonable people will call for effective regulations, nothing will be done, and after some time, all will return to how it was before, until the next batch of bodies goes cold.

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Unfortunately I’ll have to agree with @ragingloli on this one.

@WestRiverrat I’ve been to many, many gun shows. Even had a booth at one (selling handmade knives). There are tons people walking around with signs: “Ask me about my Luger”, “1903 Springfield $300 firm!” They don’t give a fiddler’s fart who hands them the cash – they’re there to sell their old stuff so they can afford new stuff. You can buy a revolver from an 18 year old for $50 so he can take his girlfriend to the movies.

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Within a year of the Dunblane school shootings, private ownership of handguns was made illegal across the whole of the UK.
I admire Andy Murray more each time I think of him being a pupil at that school, survived by hiding under a desk…amazing.

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@suzooz If it is about defending oneself, disabling him/her is all that is needed not to shoot him/her dead.

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That depends entirely on the situation.

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