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Might Fluther ever introduce official jelly emoticons?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 18th, 2012

I noticed that Instagram has gone bonkers with the use of cute little clever emoticons/symbols. I was thinking it’d be neat if Fluther had jelly character symbols/emoticons.


Sham? Or yes mam!?

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I’ll waffle and say I find them gratingly cloying.

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Oh, no, please, let’s not. Ever.

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To be blunt…. Fuck emoticons….

They make a website look so cheap.

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I hope not.

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Maybe in the chat section which no one really uses it would be okay. But on the rest of the sight it might be distracting.

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Please. No.

I still hate the awards and crap. That would be the end of Fluther and the start of Fluther: The Game.

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It can be hard for new Jellies to determine the tone or personality behind the answerer. Vice versa. This has led to miscommunication.

However I am not especially fond nor do I think emoticons are the solutions.

I mean getting to know and interact with personas is part of the fun and challenge. A process that cannot or nor should be sped up.

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~ ~
0 0
——— I sure hope not.

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If this ever does happen, it’s not going to be for a while. Fluther is on standstill, ever since it was sold to Twitter. Until somebody decides to work on it, the site will be maintained as it is.


If we ever DO get something like that, I hope we get little Dr. J pictures. That would be funny lol.

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Or maybe a good stiff “fuckoff” finger, that would be, err…nice?

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Not a chance.

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@Symbeline :: Fluther wasn’t sold to Twitter. They were Acqui-Hired by Twitter and stopped working on the site. As far as I know Ben is still in charge but this isn’t his day job. He does enough to keep it running and he added horrible ads on the mobile site that makes it pretty much unusable.

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OMG. Ads to make $$$$. : (

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Surely you jest. :-)

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Nope. The : [ blood suckers. It makes me (>.<)

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I have never seen adds on the mobile sight, and I use it every day.
Right now, even.

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I think they go away once you log in?

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Calling all Chrome/Firefox plugin experts – can someone write one that will monitor fluther for emoticons and have it remove any bookmarks to fluther if it finds emoticons? Also, can a plugin write to a hosts file to redirect all fluther requests to

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@johnpowell You mean the mobile version of the site? That sucks, I always loved how the computer version is pretty much add free unless you’re not logged in.

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I never get ads when I access Fluther on my phone. I might be permanently logged in on it, though.

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I think this is a wonderful idea. We should all stop talking to each other and stop answering questions. Instead we should spend all our time creating new emoticons.

To work, jellies! No slacking! The fluther is watching!

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I don’t login on the mobile site. It is mostly for seeing if something is interesting enough to fire up the site in Firefox on my desktop. But the ad on the mobile site when you are not signed in is really bad. It would be better if it was static above the header but it does this bouncing around and gets stuck in the middle of the page. I have clicked it a ton of times while trying to simply scroll the page.

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