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What cut of beef is London Broil?

Asked by janbb (51637points) December 19th, 2012

Making a recipe book for my son who lives in a foreign country. Trying to figure out what cut of beef he should look for.

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I think london broil is flank steak. Went and looked and you can use a couple of cuts. It’s mainly marinated and cut across the grain so it isn’t tough.

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@Adirondackwannabe got it in one, but I have seen London Broils that have been pan fried and campfire grilled as well at the traditional broiling. Flank steak is one of my favorite meats for campfire cooking.

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“Flank steak is the traditional cut for London broil. It is well flavored, is easy to cook, and has no waste. London broil refers to a quick pan-broiling over high heat and thinly slicing the meat across the grain before serving. It is ideal for cooking lean, tougher steak cuts, such as shoulder and round, as well as flank steak.”

~ The Joy of Cooking

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Flank steak is the cut, seen here. London Broil is the style of cooking.

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Must be cut on the bias with thin slices, use a marinate and cook quickly,

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Oh – I know how to make it. (Read details.) And it is sold in my market as London Broil but I know that is not what they would call it in France!.

Thanks all! I will put it down as flank steak.

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@janbb While flank steak is the usual cut, it isn’t the only one used to make a London Broil.

Any of the cheaper cuts of beef can be used, there is just less waste with the flank.

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Send him the diagram of the cow in my link. It will make a nice mini-language lesson.

@Adirondackwannabe: So interesting. Here is the salient part of your terrific link (edited slightly by me).

“the French divide the flank into smaller joints bavette, flanchette and hampe. The bavette is the cut that would be nearest the loin.

It is because the French enjoy thier meat rare that you often find this dish in cheaper restaurants cooked quickly.It can be very tender… anything beyond medium and it can be very tough.

The translation for bavette is bib and that should give you a idea of the size and shape. The French remove all the fat, cut the steaks with the grain and then butterfly it before grilling it.”

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@Adirondackwannabe Cool link. I’ve had a bavette in France; kind of a small steak.

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Flank steak. It is really popular these days, and getting more expensive.

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@janbb; Do you remember the old live Julia Child cooking shows on TV? She used to, with great enthusiasm, show the various cuts on her own body, within reason.

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I only saw it a few times unfortunately.

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@josie I think because Hispanics cook with it, supply and demand, market forces at work.

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Here are some useful Charts that might come in handy for your recipe book.

Here is some info about London Broil that may answer your question, or make you even more confused. Good luck : )

I think it’s neat that you are making him a recipe book.

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Gotta love those market forces

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By the way, a cooking maven friend suggested top round is a better choice.

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