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Is there anything better than sex?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) June 7th, 2008

Once I was walking along the sidewalk with my gorgeous Philippino gf and she took me to this bakery shop and pointed to a pastry: its name was “better than sex”. I did try it, it was delicious, but that didn’t change my opinion

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when food gives you a certain feeling of satisfaction and euphoria

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Yes there is, only one thing better.

Lots of sex.

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Great sex is better than sex.

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For me, when the endorphins flow after a hard hike, run, or bike ride.

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Sex with somebody else ;)

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of course there are!!!

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a perfect game of cod4.

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For sure. Sex is good, but I think it’s a little over rated.

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Great sex with the right person is as close to experiencing the eternal unknown as we’re likely to get.

So I’d say anything else would be at least #2 by default.

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A life not wasted.

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Also depends who you ask, some religious nuts frown upon it.

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I cant believe someone hasn’t said this so I will.

Making love.

Hiyo. : )

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TheCouncil has it right…as wonderful as sex may feel, it does not compare to the sensual feelings of warmth and excitement and the spiritual bliss one gets from making love with someone with whom you have established true intimacy and a strong bond of mutual trust, obtainable only through open and honest communication.

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Yes, oral sex.

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The first time you have sex after you have decided “yes we are going to try and have a baby” is really something. I had not thought about it. But it was. As it was before the second child. And, if I get to have sex again after the vasectomy, I will venture a comment.

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Love, but you don’t realise until you’ve lost it.
i.e. I had an amazing sex life with my ex, and I did consider it to be the best thing in the world. But then when I broke up with her, I didn’t think about sex for like 5 days at all, which made me realise that love is better than sex.

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Yes, love and making love are far better than sex, and often include it.

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An equally transporting experience is seeing your baby (babies) for the first time.

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Love making that includes both partners being mutually satisfied. I’m talking the BIG O! Can I get a woot woot!?!

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Lots of things

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@gimmedat; probably the wrong site for Woot woots.

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This is going to sound trite, but the feeling you get when you are creating something and it seems like it’s coming from somewhere else and you’re just the conduit. I’ve heard other writers call it “flow,” but I don’t really like that term. Anyway, it is a unique and very special sensation.

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I think most things are better than sex… But I’m a little weird.

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I thought I read a quote that ” if you can say there is anything better than sex, then your probably not doing it right.” I always thought of that and then thought “or, think how right I am doing all these other things!”

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I bought some Chocolates in a convienience store once and the clerk said.. “oh, you are going to love those. They are better than sex.” My answer to her was, “Well I feel sorry for you then.” She then said, “OK, they are just as good. ” My reply to her was the same. This thread reminded me of that.

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Having a child, which is the product of sex, is the best feeling in the world! Nothing can even compare to that feeling! So, yes there are things better than sex! Seeing that first smile-better than sex! Smelling fresh baby-better than sex! The list goes on and on!

Did you just get laid for the first time? This is a pretty silly question! Do you base all relationships on sex?

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@bulbatron9 This was just a hypothetical question and in no way reflects my beliefs and actions

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Don’t worry Ed, I still lurve you!

I just experienced having a child, and I know that sex doesn’t even compare! I should have threw the |~..~| in there! Sex did help to create her, so I guess it plays a very important role!

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This question is old enough that i can say… If bulb was a woman I would consider intercourse with her.

You made a lovely baby… And, is your sister single? She is cute..

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Sorry JP, but she has had the same boyfriend for three years! Also, she is 18, and about to start her her first year of college. I will let her know that she has a secret admirer in Eugene, Oregon!

I know I made a lovely baby, I can’t stop starring at her! It is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced! Thanks John! Where were you in the Chat Room earlier? I told Allie that you and Del were probably in the corner making out!

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Dude, break them up and send her my way. Oh.. 18, nevermind.

About 3 months ago I bought a Cigar for this occasion. I will smoke it now. I’m glad everything worked out. high-five

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Spark it up!


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I think woody allen said,“intelectuals are people who have found something more interesting than sex”

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I once had an amazing scalp/head massage from a hair stylist…Haven’t had one that good ever since. I’ve actually considered flying back to that city just to see him (for a head massage, of course!)!

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