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Do you have a recipe you can share for this circumstance?

Asked by josie (27393points) December 19th, 2012

I am having my annual Christmas scotch party for some of my buds and their girlfriends and wives. The Queen will be bringing some Egyptian food, and I intend to grill some pork loin and slice it into wafers and serve it on slider buns, and offer cheese slices. I would like to have a couple of toppings for the sandwiches-one lighter and maybe sort of fruity, one more rich and heavy. Looking for recipes for these. You know any?

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This is off the wall but how about an oriental sweet and sour sauce?

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Mayonnaise mixed with sour cream, curry powder and mango chutney would be a nice topping for the pork.

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Something like some balsamic onions would be good.

Or a mushroom duxelle

I haven’t tried the recipes above. They are just suggestions. Someone might have recipes for these things that are tried and tested. Or you could have a trial run.

Gordon Ramsey did a Beef Wellington for Christmas day that I wouldn’t mind trying and that used a mushroom duxelle with the beef too.

Have to think on the lighter option.

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If you like spicey try this one.

It is milder than most of mine, I usually use 4–5 habaneros in my salsa, but still has a nice habanero bite.

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In the distant past, when I used sliced tenderloin of beef for similar sandwiches, I used sour cream mixed w. horseradish as an easy and piquant topping.

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Mint jelly or an applesauce with a hint of Louisiana hot sauce and garlic

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You could do sweet pickle slices, then it would be sort of like a Cuban sandwich, with mustard and mayo available.

Roasted red peppers.

Or, an assortment of roasted veggies (peppers, eggplant, zuchini). They can add them to the pork sandwich and also gives a veggie option if you have vegetarians present, or someone who does not eat pork.

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Any fruit chutney would work. Also mustards. Or mustard mixed with sour cream.
What scotch or scotches will you serve? just curious. I love scotch; Oban is my favorite.

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Not really a recipe, but something I picked up working at a hotel, good for all sorts of get togethers and so simple a 5 year old could prepare it: dips.

1:1 mayo and ketchup for some simple yet amazingly tasty dip sauce

Place the above concoction in a round bowl in the middle of a round plate and surround with sliced (diff. colours of) paprika, small tomatoes cut in half and celery (optional). Good for any occasion – we used to put these up in the reception at weddings. Good stuff, easy to make, even looks nice if you put some thought into it.

Hope you find this useful!

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While you have the grill fired up; grill pineapple slices for a topping and caramelize onions in a pan to mix with mayo for another topping or served alone.

You could also make a cole slaw dish for a topping depending on your taste.

Here are some interesting and delicious sounding ideas.

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