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How many cups of tea does 1 oz loose leaves make?

Asked by ReginaldRufflebum (1points) December 19th, 2012

I’m using them in an infuser, of course, and would like to know how many cups I would expect before deciding how much to purchase.

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I brew tea each day and use about 1½ teaspoons for a 12 oz. mug. That makes a strong brew. I could use either less tea or more water for a paler brew.

I cannot translate an oz. into a teaspoon.

In general, it’s safe to buy 4 oz. of tea if you can get back to the store easily. That will insure that the tea itself doesn’t go stale. But it’s conjecture.

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It depends on how strong you like your tea, and how big your teapot. I use the equivalent of 4 tea bags per 24 oz pot of tea.

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^^^Using a teabag (which is usually stale dust) is very different from brewing loose tea leaves with boiling water. Since you like tea, why not try the old-fashioned method? It will knock your socks off and is really no more work.

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@gailcalled I do use loose leaves, I was just trying to use a common unit of measure that everyone could relate to.

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How many teaspoons for the 24 oz. pot? Four plus one for the pot?

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Actually I use a difuser that holds about ¼–⅓ cup of loose tea and I don’t measure when I make tea.

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I discovered that once I started to measure, I used a lot less. For a long time, the tea was too strong and I was diluting it with hot water and then throwing some out.

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Oh I have seen the infusers. I don’t really see any real benefit compared to tea balls or those cups where the mesh strainers sit inside the top of them. But they look spiffy.

Um so yeah not a measurer either. I probably use a tablespoonish depends on the teas itself (what kind of leaf or flavors) What type of mood I am in how much is in the tin.

And if i don’t happen to be going through a lot i can set aside a portion aside and freeze it. Practical I think it is.

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You first need to talk to the Wizard of Oz to find out the area of his land.

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