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My Windows Vista desktop is streaking when I change the monitor...

Asked by techwilliam (11points) July 2nd, 2007

I changed the monitor I was using on my Vista desktop computer from an 26in LCD TV Monitor to an old 17in CRT monitor. The display is blurry or if it was slightly out of focus. I've made adjustments in the Display Settings with resolution and it didn't help. It won't let me changed the default monitor. Any ideas on how to fix?

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Did you try rebooting the computer with the new monitor installed? (Had to ask)

Another thought is if you switched from DVI to VGA, you might have some interference or a bad cable inline.

Actually-- trying the Ubuntu Live CD with the CRT monitor might help you to debug if it's a driver or hardware issue.

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Forgot mention that I did reboot. Also, was actually using the VGA cable for the TV. Not sure about trying the Ubuntu CD...isn't that Linux? I'm using Windows Vista (basic on that computer).

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And you've verified the old 17in CRT is clear and crisp from another computer? Since it's old, the first thing I would do is rule out hardware issues with the monitor itself.

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Yeah, the idea was to get you entirely out of the Windows world to narrow it down-- if it's still streaky when you boot the livecd into Linux (which just runs in RAM, no installation), then you clearly have a problem with the card or cable or monitor, rather than a windows-specific driver or settings problem.

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In my opinion the CRT monitor is too old. Especially for Vista...
Why did you changed to the CRT? Anyway:
Have you tried the settings of the monitor itself. Usually there are buttons on the monitor wich you can adjust everything with.

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