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Are you an attention seeker ?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 20th, 2012

Some people can’t just live without the limelight on them all the time. They have a desire to get noticed anyhow. They are simply called attention seekers.
What do you generally do during your examinations?

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More of a thrill seeker than anything. I have to feed my overactive imagination! XD

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Have never felt as such. Much prefer to work in the background. I get more done.

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Examinations? Huh?
I like to crack jokes among friends and I can handle the limelight for brief periods, but mostly I prefer to observe. I get uneasy if people pay me too much attention, in fact.

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I’m a comedienne at heart, I don’t seek attention for egos sake, but yes, I do LOVE peoples reactions and stunning them with my wit. Let me entertain you. I just had a customer service rep. laughing so hard when I told them my dilemma was of the “what came first, the chicken or the egg” nature. Told them that IMO they were the egg and their mother company was the chicken, either way, I want to be reimbursed for the double yolk they shot out of their ass and onto my credit card. lol

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You know, without the context, that last question seems really strange.

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I like to read the questions and answer them. What do examinations have to do with attention seeking? Is this a Britishism of some sort?

I am not in favor of attention. Attention is bad. Attention gets you hurt. The only reason people pay attention to me is because they want to beat me up or hurt me for one reason or another.

I am amazed that people believe in happy attention. It will surely end badly. It always does.

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I have a love hate relationship with attention. In my heart, I know I’m not worthy of attention. Deep in my heart, I think I should be worthy of attention. Still deeper, I know that if I don’t get attention, I will die.

I do a lot of things in life that place me in front of people in places where I must perform well. I love telling stories, for example, and I want to teach people things. I love the feeling when I finish a story and there’s this kind of contemplative silence as people digest what I’ve said. It’s even better when I change the direction of the conversation or the project because of my participation.

So I crave playing that kind of role, yet I also don’t want to be a stand out. I believe we are all equals. I want lots of attention, but I don’t want to stand out. I want to be respected for being a contributor, but I don’t want to demand that people attend to me. I want to earn it. I want people to request me.

Yet, if I don’t go out and show off, people won’t know who I am and won’t have any reason to request me. I can’t go out and show off if I don’t believe I have something special that people will like if they see it. So I do believe I have something special, yet I am no different from anyone else. No better than anyone else. No worse.

A conundrum, no? I seek attention, but I also seek no attention. I am special, but I am normal. I have unique gifts and I can give a lot to other people, and yet I am not deserving of any more attention than anyone else.

Yeah. Welcome to my world. It’s not easy being green.

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