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Who is experiencing, or about to experience, the nasty snow storm hitting parts of the mid-west?

Asked by gailcalled (54448points) December 20th, 2012

Are you prepared for yet another hunkering down? Have you lost patience with the bad weather or not? I am really relieved to have been spared this time.

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Me! I just came in from a couple hours of shoveling. My kids have a snow day today and all three have been sick so we are hunkering down. I haven’t lost patience with the bad weather because this is our first real storm in over a year. As a matter of fact I think I shoveled more snow this morning then I did all of last winter. Sick kids = shoveling alone.

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Kind of, in Missouri we just got a dusting today, but I hear Christmas should be interesting…lol

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All the snow here has already melted.

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We are experiencing a blizzard right now. School is being let out early and I’m a bit nervous about my daughter riding the school bus home. It’s nasty out there.

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@jonsblond Let us know when your daughter gets home. I’m sure she’ll be fine :)

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@Yeahright Thank you. Her school lets out in 10 minutes. I just went out to see how bad it is and to fetch something that blew away. I can barely walk out there. I need to walk about 500 ft. to the end of our driveway to get her and I’ll be walking directly north in this north wind. This is going to be almost impossible. Wish us luck. At least the wind will help in our favor when we walk towards the house!

edit: School called. They aren’t running the buses. Kids need to be picked up by their parents. Her dad will have to leave work early. Now I have two people to worry about. ugh!

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Well…no use in complaining about the weather, it is what it is.
I wish California was getting dumped on right now. We are freezing in the low to mid 20’s up here, and waiting on 4 days of more rain and snow, but nothing as major as the midwest.
The planet needs all the water it can get, and don’t forget those spring flowers.

@jonsblond Good luck with getting your family home today. I’m sure they will be fine. Then just cozy up and make merry by the firelight! :-)

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@jonsblond: Let us know when everyone is tucked up, safe and sound.

I am suprised that the local school system didn’t have the forethought to cancel. The forecasts are very accurate these days, it seems.

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It was in the mid-80s yesterday. It is in the mid-70s today. Tomorrow is calling for highs in the lower-50s with a freeze warning tomorrow night.

I’ve been in many, many blizzards. It is really hard to imagine someone who seems so close experiencing a blizzard right now. Please, @jonsblond, do let us know when the bus drops her off and you’ve walked up that snowy driveway and have her inside safe and sound. Is this her last day of school before the holidays?

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I spent my childhood in Denver. I moved out of snow country the earliest possible moment I became an adult, and never looked back.

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Both my husband and daughter are home safely.

This is from our local county sheriff’s office “Sheriff’s Office says officers and crews are responding to accidents on all major highways, including Highway 67, Highway 136 and Route 9. Road conditions are described as “very close to impassable.”

We live on Route 9. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get stranded travelers knocking on our door. My husband passed 3 different cars in the ditch.

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I’m glad they made it home safely, @jonsblond.

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They’re announcing over 50 centimeters of snow here for the weekend. Which I personally think kicks ass. I wish I was a kid so I could go play in it. (we already have lots)
But yeah, it certainly sucks when it makes driving conditions horrible, when people lose power…our snow warning also comes with extremely strong and violent winds. :/

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According to F/B, the power now out for the jonsblonds until, if they are lucky, 5:00 PM tomorrow.Boo!

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Wow. Reports of snow sound so distant. We don’t get snow any more where I live. It’s hard to imagine there is still snow in this country what with global warming and all.

I’m about to ride my bike home. Good luck to all of you with serious weather.

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We’re suppose to get some severe weather here. But I very seldom listen to the weather reports. I usually take a wait and see attitude.(sad, I know) Plus I’m well stocked and prepared for most serious weather conditions.

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My heart goes out to those who are finding their flights cancelled because of this.

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Our power wasn’t out as long as our utility company said it would be. yay!

We have a blizzard warning until midnight. Our local sheriff’s office is asking for anyone with a snowmobile to help assist stranded travelers. There are reports of 8–10 motorists stranded on our roads, possibly more. Two school buses are also laying on their sides in a nearby town. A few students were sent to the hospital. Our county is getting hit hard today.

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I’m reading posts from worried relatives on a news website who have family members who have been stranded on a local highway for the past 6 hours. Some of the motorists are elderly. There are also some students still stuck at their school with many teachers who stayed with the children. It is now 11:30 pm.

@gailcalled This time last evening our county had a winter weather advisory. All the storm warnings and blizzard warnings were for counties north and west of us. The weather deteriorated quickly today. It surprised everyone.

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Briefly, the wind is blowing hard enough here to sway the heavy limbs of 20 year old white pines like they were pick-up-sticks.

I hear there are power outages in spots everywhere so about to slip into battle mode;
shower, eat, fill tub with water, gas, cash, post office, library, food that can be eaten easily and cold and a brief stop at our Lady of the Blessed Power Co.

@jonsblond; It sounds really grim. I hope everyone is rescued by now, almost 24 hours later.

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We got about a million feet of snow last night and this morning…the plows went by but early in the morning I couldn’t see the street at all. Cars were/are covered, almost buried. It’s crazy out there man.

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