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Is there a job you would love to do, but simply couldn't afford to do it?

Asked by cookieman (34971points) December 20th, 2012 from iPhone

I love comic books as you may know. Been reading since I was twelve and am very well versed on their history and continuity. I even have some insight into the industry.

I also love working with and helping people. Therefore, I always thought I would love working at a Comic Book Store.

So I looked into it once, and, by all accounts, even a store managers job pays about 30% of what I make now (as a director at a college).

This bums me out as I’m confident I would enjoy it.

Or, it could be in the opposite direction. A career you’d love to pursue, but you can’t possibly afford the schooling or training to get there.

How about you? Anything you’d love to do, but couldn’t afford to.

Also, any inventive ideas to overcome your dilemma.

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I would talk to and teach people, for free.

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I would drive around town picking up all the elderly people and taking them to dr appts or grocery shopping. Also, our senior center is always needing volunteers to deliver food to the disabled and elderly shut-in’s. Unfortunately I have to pay a mortgage. :(

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Yes, I always wanted to own and operate a book store/cafe where people could just drop in and eat and read and talk.

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Yes! 3D Cartoons and anime, but I sold my home and I am going to do it :P

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What do the owners of comic book stores make?

I would love to work with pets, but it pays very poorly.

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I’d love to be a superhero upholding justice and ridding the Earth of bad people, but I can’t afford the high-tech exoskeleton, stealth technology and weapons systems I need.

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I might like to build big buildings. But I am not an engineer. I might be able to do project management. But mostly I like watching buildings get built.

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Be a top exec at Skippy, the pay is peanuts though.

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Oh man, there’d be so much I would do. I’d hold a daycare. I’d spend entire days figuring out how to get women out of violent intimate partner violence places. I’d provide support for abortions for people who need it. There’d be a lot of stuff to do.

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@Simone: What would you like to teach and talk about?

@KNOWITALL: That’s a wonderful thing to want to do.

@YARNLADY: That’s my wife’s dream as well.

@Shippy: So you’re saying you are going to pursue this? Good for you!

@marinelife: Groomer? Dog Walker? Cat Whisperer? Justin on Dogs in the City seems to do well.

And, I don’t know how well owners do. Worth looking into.

@Kropotkin: Perhaps you’ll be bit by something radioactive. :^)

@burntbonez: You could work with Habitat for Humanities perhaps.

@Simone: All good stuff.

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I would love to give up everything and just do art and theater.

But “starving artist” doesn’t appeal to me.

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@Hypocrisy_Central: Recognized the avatar didja? Thank you anyway.

@linguaphile: Yes, particularly the “starving” part.

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If I could go back a few decades, I would be a foreign correspondent.

Since I can’t do that without a time machine I want to be a successful, published novelist. Eventually. When I have finished with this career which I am currently enjoying.

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@cookieman Oh, whatever the students want to discuss that I have any knowledge on – so more society, sexuality, ethics, culture…less quantum physics…though if they want to teach me some, we’d do that too.

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Running this website, for one. Being a writer/editor, too. So I do a combination of both, but all together, it still doesn’t pay a living wage. I remain hopeful, though!

@cookieman A friend of mine who was always into comics works full time as an IT guy in our school system. But he also works part-time in a comic book store and writes for comic books, too. It’s sure not making him rich, but he loves it just the same.

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A world adventurer/traveler. A porn star. A talk show host or interviewer. The world’s most interesting man (but not because I want beer).

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@augustlan: Oh sure, I could get a part-time job at a comic shop on top of my FT gig, but I just finished fourteen years of working two jobs. I think my wife would murder me.

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@cookieman Yeah, she probably would. ;)

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@cookieman—The name or recognition of the avatar played no difference, I just thought I had a job I would do without pay but it ends up I did not want to do it that bad.

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