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Have you ever given up something for the sake of love?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 20th, 2012

Have you ever given up something really important, sacrificed fulfilling a desire just to express true and passionate love-?

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Only with my pets, when I have to sacrifice my sorrow and euthanize them in their hour of need. I have sacrificed lots of cash to make my daughter happy too. lol
I don’t believe in sacrificing for romantic love. I might donate a kidney to save my lovers life but on a personal or emotional level, no. I don’t think being a martyr brings happiness. haha

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I have not been in a relationship where I’ve felt that the ‘love’ was strong enough to choose love over something really important. I have given up fulfilling a desire or dream because of life-circumstances, yes, but not because of love.

But, at this point, right now, in my current relationship… I am currently facing that big Choice. I have to choose between my relationship and a lucrative career possibility elsewhere. The job I’ve been asked to apply for is an extremely time consuming, energy consuming job but with opportunities to make a real impact on an educational system… but won’t keep me warm at night.

It’s not easy.

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Sometimes I feel like I gave up my self-respect and my ambition.

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Productive years, self-respect, immediate family, chances – good years of my life.

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I have moved to be with a woman several times. All were different stories, of course. None of the relationships lasted very long after I moved. I’ve grown to know several communities I never thought I would live in as a result. But I also have no roots as a result.

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Yes. Graduate school. The romance didn’t last, but the regret has.

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College a friend, we were at the tail end of that line any how, my need for order and cleanliness, my independance.

All for a relationship I told him wouldn’t work. I was right and it didn’t. Those were some very good years and I am glad to have experienced it though.

However I am significantly more gaurded and choosy as a result and none of my relationships have lasted any where as long or been so close.

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Dancing and singing. For my husband and children and for about fifteen years. Then I got back to both. I haven’t regretted giving up either for that period of time. If it had to be forever, I’d probably resent it. I had to give up dancing, finally, because I lost the ability to spot. And I never had a talent for dance. I do not look forward to no longer singing. I’m singing better than ever, which is gratifying.

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I gave up the likelihood of ever having a child of my own.

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I gave up… everything. Car, house, family, friends, many years of my life, and any chance of future happiness it seems.

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Funny thing. I always thought I would give up anything for love, but I really can’t think of an example. Instead, it’s the other way around. I have always chosen responsibility over love, so far. How pathetic is that?

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If it’s truly love, then I believe love won’t make you make that choice. To me love doesn’t require sacrifice. It depends on how you look at things.

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double post

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@mrentropy diehard romantic

@wundayatta I have a friend who laughs at me every time I make a specific claim about myself. I asked him why one day, he said you define yourself by this belief of yourself and it is not even true.

I have no idea if what he said is actually true or not. I know he believes it to be true. I also think that it appears that way because of another chan of beliefs that he would describe as r’s shoomanga. But he does have an outside perspective and most of the pertinent details.

@akua every choice by the nature of choice demands sacrifice otherwise it wouldn’t be a choice.

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@rosehips Does it matter? Is it even possible to find happiness? I have friends who know me well, but I don’t think they’d dare make any predictions about me. I know I constantly surprise myself. I can’t predict myself any more than anyone else can. Probably a lot less.

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I guess you might say that, in my “current relationship”, I am sacrificing a bit of my own happiness for his sake. I’m absolutely sure that we’re meant to be, and he’s only mostly sure. He’s trying to finish the school year before figuring this out. After the school year is over, then he’ll figure it out. (Plus, I’ll be 17 in the late summer, and he’ll feel better about our dating if I’m older.)
Sure, this seems kind of… Afraid of commitment, maybe. Sure, I could drop him and actually be with a different guy. But he’s worth it. The other guys that like me… They aren’t right for me. Jeff is.

So, yes… I am sacrificing something for love. I’m loving him while he figures it out in his own time. Am I setting myself up for disaster? I might be. But he’s worth it. Experiencing all my “firsts” with him will be worth it.

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I would do anything for love.
But I won’t do that.

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