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What could this itching and irritation at the base of my eyelashes be?

Asked by deni (22607points) December 20th, 2012

This probably started about a month ago or so. Where my eyelid meets eyelashes, it’s been very itchy but nothing visibly is wrong. I’ll be going about my day to day life and BOOM an itch so bad it cannot be ignored. So I scratch it but it’s a really inconvenient place to scratch and I also have mascara on usually so then that’s everywhere and it’s a big ugly mess. But, I can’t figure out where this problem is stemming from, and it’s getting worse. Also I only get one eye doctor visit a year so I’m waiting til the new year to go see my optometrist. Things that may be relevant: I have not changed brands of mascara or make up. I wear glasses. I’ve never had any problems with my eyes. I really want to get to the bottom of this so I can maybe possibly treat it somehow, but it’s a weird issue and google isn’t yielding any helpful results. Has anyone ever had this before???? Any inklings? Anything?

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