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Is our government responsible for the Connecticut shooting?

Asked by Aethelwine (41362points) December 20th, 2012

Dear Fluther,

Please give me a good argument to tell a handful of my Republican friends how batshit crazy this conspiracy theory sounds.



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Time will tell, or not. There are still lots of things yet to be pieced together. I admit I haven’t been watching the story blow by blow. I found it odd that Connecticut has the third highest restrictive gun laws in the US and this guy got all this spec ops stuff no problem. Not looking like he got it there. Internet vendors will not ship many items to Connecticut that restrict those items. Someone had to be helping this guy is what I was thinking when I heard it was in Conn.

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Dude, why are you friends with such fucking morons?

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The guy was socially awkward. He didn’t mesh well according to alot of reports. Here is one such report

It’s a Houston Chronical source.

But man the links that the site your “friends” are using are ridiculous. It’s the same as nit picking the Bible in my opinion.

Again, Christians live in a belief reality vs actual reality.

God or my conscious has told me this was truly a sad day. And God couldn’t change this mans heart. It was the shooters choice to go on this rampage. God gave him free choice to live his life out and this is how he decided to use it, in a bad and evil way an unforgiveable way. God didn’t use these children as “example.” God quit that after Noah’s Ark and the Rainbow is supposed to represent his peace treaty with man.

Anyways why associate yourself with them? Haha. They might soon think you work for the Liberal Army Association and you’re out to spy on them. They might want to exterminate you eventually?

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It’s certainly responsible for not having done enough to stop it. The Supreme Court bears a great deal of the blame for that being the case.

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@bob_ They are nice, funny, compassionate morons who make me scratch my head now and then? Yeah, that’s why.

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The government killed 20 cute little kids on order to get Peter Lanza to back off from testifying against LIBOR? Or maybe it was for LIBOR? Makes sense to me.

@jonsblond, there is nothing you can say to people who believe this. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You got to hand them out tin foil hats, though, and make sure they wear them, because there is no telling when the government will include them in the conspiracy to kill off teenagers, or something like that.

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No, of course not. It was the aliens in outer space who want to start a world war so they can get humans to destroy themselves, and the aliens will get some free real estate.

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I agree with @wundayatta that there is no point in offering an argument. All the facts are not in. Your friends are rush-to-judgment people and reasoning is much less important than jumping to conspiracy conclusions. If they are right, time will tell. If not, time is still an important element in reaching a conclusion. So, just laugh and enjoy their misguided thinking. You don’t have to agree with them.

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@wundayatta and @Sunny2 So they got to you too!

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Yeah, but I got paid! Woohoo! Gonna be a good Christmas this year!

Oops. They told me not to say that. Forget I said that, please.

Damn! How do you edit by self? Isn’t there a button somewhere?

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@Sunny2 My life would be dull if I agreed with my friends all the time. :)

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These people are quite clearly desperately sad individuals who are simply filling a huge void in their lives, why not buy the entire Little House on the Prairie collection on dvd/blu-ray instead?

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Wow. It amazes me the complicated shit people will believe, when the simple explanation is so much more likely. I don’t know that there’s anything you could say to refute such beliefs, unfortunately.

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If it feels false, it probably is. In my gut, I just can’t buy: 1) How many white WASP woman in Connecticut own Bushmaster Assault rifles? From all accounts, Nancy Lanza seems like an ordinary woman who liked to play bunko and drink wine with her friends. 2. Why were there multiple shooters in the initial police scanner reports and running after guy with camoflague in the woods? What happened to those stories, why were they buried? 3. Why is the only picture of Adam Lanza some grainy black and white that makes him look like a deranged killer? The media couldn’t come up with one family photo that made him look as he was, a fairly normal if introverted kid? 4. The initial reports said the gunman entered through the front door of the school that had security cameras. You’d think with that, the police would have been notified the minute he tried to enter. Where is the video surveillance? 5. The initial reports said that Bushmaster gun was found in the truck of the car, now it’s being placed at the scene. 6. Did Adam Lanza even drive a car? 7. The car that was towed away did not belong to either Adam Lanza or his mom, it was a criminals who was on parole. I guess that is why people have questions, and there is a lot more the mainstream media is not addressing.

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The idiots mother was an idiot too and paid the ultimate price for being careless. She failed to make these weapons unaccessible to her son, and anyone else. She was a damn fool for the blinders she chose to use because what mother doesn’t want to downplay any and all problems their baby has? In the end it was the trigger puller’s doing but she leaving these for him to use was inexcusable and her estate should be gutted in order to help those victims. Saying the govt has a hand in most aspects of life positive or negative is a stretch by those failing to understand the concept of personal responsibility.
Might as well say: quote from Flip Wilson, “the devil made me do it”

That said, there looks to be a lot of questions that are unanswered and that might be why this whole incident is open to speculation. Some of the explanations seem far fetched on their surface and we are only getting what someone wants us to hear.

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What are the requirements legally for securing your weapons? Are you legally required to have them in a gun safe or can you just leave them out?

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There may not be many laws forcing people to purchase a safe, but even a safe, any safe, can be breached. It’s only a matter of time and the attackers will that allows for a successful breach. A quality safe will cost thousands of dollars and so there would be pushback from constituents complaining they are being forced to spend money they don’t have. The most that would be asked is that there be a trigger lock or you lock the doors to your home when not there. But the trigger lock idea can be abused to the point of forcing gun owners to trigger lock the very weapon they are using to defend their home, making that weapon useless in an emergency.
There have been and still might be law that all firearms were to be disassembled at all times which is ridiculous from a stand point of a defender. I’m going to find a handful of gun parts and fully assemble it and load it while someone is busting the glass out of my window? yeah right.

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So going back to your earlier post @woodcutter, how should the mother have made her weapons inaccessible to her son? I am guessing many people have weapons in their homes and if safes are pretty well useless or cost thousands and there is no legal requirement to have one, how do people prevent their weapons falling into the wrong hands? What do you do to ensure nobody can break in and steal your weapons when you are out?

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That whole family seems to be of upper middle class rearing so it is not unbelievable that they of all people wouldn’t have had a decent gun vault in their home. You keep control of these weapons by being careful who you tell the combination to or if you are the least bit worried you get it changed. There are ways to control the coming and goings of the guns if you are paying attention.
A safe is but a single deterrent to theft. There needs to be a comprehensive effort to keep people from even finding that safe. Alarms, loud barking dogs, the neighborhood make up. Each home is different. Ms Lansa doubtfully had to worry about strangers getting into the collection because like I said- upper middle income and those people don’t usually live in shady housing developments.
I have big loud dogs, alarms on both doors and a safe I built with multiple contingent defenses but even with all that, if someone avoids the dogs, finds a way to stop the alarms and finds the safe itself still might be able to get them if they are left to their devises long enough. I just think they are gonna work so hard to get part way, they give up in frustration feel satisfied they trashed my house in the process. I think if someone takes the bare minimum of precautions with locks and such they have done everything reasonable a person can do. Keeping all the serial numbers and weapon descriptions in a separate place unknowable to the thieves will help law anforcement hopefully find them later. One simple thing a gun owner can do is not tell people what guns they have. Loose lips sink ships.

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