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What's your Christmas wishlist?

Asked by Santa_Claus (47points) December 20th, 2012

Ho ho ho, hi there Jellies!
Old Saint Nick here wants to know what you would all like for Christmas! Have you made a list?
What does your heart truly want? A car, a toy, some kind of super computer, world peace? Young and old, tell me what you desire to see under the tree this year!
The elves, Ms Claus and the reindeer and I are looking forward to seeing all of you enjoy Christmas. We need your lists!

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Oh boy! Am I glad you are here. I was just saying the other day, how Christmas sucks! Now at least I know it’s all true. Can I have a cuddle for Christmas? Also if you could cheer up a lot of people around me, I’d much appreciate it. As I am finding that task a bit difficult. Perhaps your helpers could assist? I love you! I have had a crush on you for years! :)

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@Hawaii_Jake loll you don’t ask for much?

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@Shippy Not much? I hope there’s plenty! ;-)

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You might have to fight in the jelly tub to win him @Hawaii_Jake.

I already gave my wish for the world on @Hawaii_Jake‘s thread.

I want a camera – compact one and a new camera bag :D I have my fingers and toes crossed. Oh and I want to meet a lovely jelly on my working holiday next year!

I hope you have lots of lovely people around you for Christmas Shippy. When do you head off to the UK? Is that soon?

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You’re not the real santa, just a pot bellied, beer swilling, chain smoking fake.
That’s right, I saw you in that parking lot getting into your rust bucket of a toyota, dry humping that gone you filthy lying bastard ;¬}

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Hi, Santa! Could you please drop off a bucket of cash at my house? That would help a ton. New pillows and pillow cases would be good, too!

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Full employment for every working member of my family.

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I wish somebody would shoot me in the face….(figuratively)

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My stepfather has bad degenerative arthritis in his back and neck. He hurts constantly. Fix him and I’ll work as an indentured servant in your elf shop for however long you want.

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I’ll second @Hawaii_Jake‘s wish. I’d also like a steamy kiss from Johnny Depp. Just a kiss, mind you, that should be doable. I’d also like ten million dollars so that we could move without leaving this high dollar area and keep our kids happy, but still have enough money that I could donate to my favorite charities and help some family members out, PLUS I could follow my dream to build a really nice homeless shelter. Ummm… I’d also like a savannah cat please.

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How many wishes do we get? My second would be for all the jellies to have a Merry Christmas.

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Cash, please.

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A kind, intelligent lover at some point this year.

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