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What's up with the (apparent) fallout between Google and Adobe Flash?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) December 21st, 2012 from iPhone

I know that way back in the day Steve Jobs got into a pissing match with Adobe and banned Flash from Apple.

But what’s going on with Android and no more Flash as of Oct., Dec of 2011?

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which can’t run Flash. What the ¥%*} do they expect us to do ? Just stand around twiddling our thumbs until the rest of the web plays catch-up with HTML 5?

I know that XDA Developers have a bunch of APK files for various versions, but that’s for people who know what the heck they’re doing with this stuff. What about the majority of us technotards who just want to be able to click on a video and have it actually play instead of staring at that stupid blue cube and ?

I need my Daily Show extended interviews (the parts which are cut off in the TV airing and put up on the web…in other words, the real “meat” of the interview)

A large part of why I was willing to consider dealing with the vagaries of Android was to be able to have Flash (and Apple was and still is unlikely to change their policy).

But have Android/Google and Adobe lost their collective minds as well ? WTF ?

1.) What the Hell is going on and…

2.) what can be done about it?

PS Ive already tried several different browsers without success (Skyfire just shows a blank space where the video should be and Firefox buffered for over 5 mins at 1% so that was ridiculous)

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It is actually Adobe that pulled the plug on Flash and not Google.

This is good, flash is horrible.

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What @johnpowell said.

Flash is on its last legs. Action Scripting jobs are in less and less demand. It’s far too cumbersome for mobile. Full blown Flash sites are past their prime at this point. It’s hold on video is slipping.

It’ll still have a niche for some online video porn and games for a while, but Flash has seen its day. And Adobe knows it.

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Well I can live just fine without porn site but what am I supposed to do for Stewart ?

Comedy Central is a major media company so its clear that if they’re still using Flash its not that antiquated.

I am so pissed off.

Do i have absolutely no recourse here? If i want to keep the Galaxy Tab rather than returning it, I just have to wait for the whole damn rest of the web to catch up?

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It’s apparent on Chrome as well. Shockwave Flash has been crashing on Chrome for forever! Even when I updated it didn’t stop. It is getting extremely annoying.

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@Buttonstc: HTML5 isn’t fully formed yet, but it does include provisions for video playback – unfortunately not format-agnostic, at least not yet. At some point, the world is going to coalesce around a format or at least a handful of them, hopefully something like MP4 or ogg (and not something evil like QuickTime).

But the future of playback involves HTML and JavaScript being the “player” instead of Flash.

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@Buttonstc: “Comedy Central is a major media company so its clear that if they’re still using Flash its not that antiquated.”

Huh? I don’t follow. Aren’t huge companies like Viacom the last to adopt modern web standards? Viacom products will probably be the last of bunch to convert. They are really broadcast-centered services anyway, so there is little incentive to modernize.

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@tom g

Well I guess it’s pretty clear that I’m not as familiar with how things really work in this world when it comes to either broadcast of techie stuff :)

Isn’t Viacom hooked up with Comcast somehow? The only reason I ask is because their Xfinity App gets praise for being state of the art compared to all the others.

But I see your point about broadcast centric and all.

However, that’s precisely the problem in terms of Stewart. They are featuring him for his comedy skills but, in reality, he’s a truly insightful and skilled serious interviewer as well.

So he mostly cuts the interviews short after some jokes, asks his guest to stick around to continue the conversation after the break and puts it up on the web.

So his most interesting and meaningful conversations aren’t in the broadcast at all. He is every bit as good as Charlie Rose and others of that caliber but that doesn’t really fit a half hour comedy format.

So the good stuff from him is really on the web. His broadcast show is just the appetizer.

And this is what I find so annoying…and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

So, how do people with ipads watch the Daily Show extended interviews (or any other things Flash based)?

Or don’t they (and just put up with it instead)?

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One very annoying thing about my ipad is that Flash does not work with it. Maybe now if Amdroid isn’t either, finally people will stop creating things in Flash. I still don’t like that Steve Jobs banned it basically from his products. I tend to not buy Apple because it is not compatable with so many things or you have to buy all sorts of extras.

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Apple is mostly a glorified junk dealer, but I think Jobs was right about that one. Probably for the wrong reasons – he was a rather petty person in general, and rarely had users’ best interests at heart.

The solution is to be Flash-optional. The problem with “banning” Flash is it deprives people of accessing about 15 years’ worth of content that was created in Flash.

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glorified junk dealer

Wow. Just… wow.

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Shiny junk’s still junk.

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Well that answers my Q about ipads.

But, apparently a browser app called Skyfire is supposed to be able to play some Flash but I have yet to encounter any Apple owner who has used it.

I tried the Android version on my previous Acer Iconia Tablet but the results were iffy (but that’s hard to know definitively) since that Acer couldn’t even do a few Youtube vids in a row without constant buffeting.

But if you’re feeling adventurous enough to give Skyfire a chance, i just thought I’d mention it.

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