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What time is the world supposed to end?

Asked by josie (26580points) December 21st, 2012

It’s December 21, 2012 around 11:30 AM Eastern.
I have the day off, and was on my way out to get some last minute Christmas gifts, and some supplies for a party I am having. I know the world is supposed to end today. Just seeing if I have time to get this shit done. Thanks

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It’s 11:30 here too. I’m told it was supposed to end at 6 AM EST.

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I thought it was a midnight tonight. But what time zone?
@josie Merry Christmas.

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Yep, I was right.

The Mayan calendar ended today at 11:11 UTC, which is 6:11AM EST.

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Film at eleven…

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Crap I am on fluther and the networks is still up and running in South Africa! The world is not ending today.

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You should have plenty of time to get these things accomplished.

My sister-in-law was forced to cancel her end of the world party. It is a sad day indeed.

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Stand down people. 5.29 am on 12/22/2012 – nothing happened.

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Why the heck am I dieting to avoid holiday-season weight gain? In just a matter of hours, neither my bikinis nor I will exist.

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I think you missed it. I’m sure there will be another opportunity. Do we know what is the longest period of time when we haven’t any any such prediction?

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