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I just received a cake in the mail from a lady friend. Does this mean she likes me?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) December 21st, 2012

What does this mean? Is she just being friendly? Is she harboring secret feelings for me? Does she want to eat my brains?

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Oh no! Not this again!

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Check here for some answers that may (or may not) be helpful.

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@janbb Hahahaha! I couldn’t resist.

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She wants our brains in and around her mouth.

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Hmm. Just one cake? She’s not that into you. I mean, if she really liked you, she’d send one at least… oh, let’s say every four months.

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Are we recycling now?

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Quick, put it in the frizzer.

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Never as funny the second time around. Sorry.

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I seriously got a fruitcake from a former jelly. I was just having fun with it. Get over it.

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Some people can’t take a joke. Not even at Christmas. So very Fluther-like

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No one who likes you would send you a fruitcake.

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Only a fruitcake would send a fruitcake!

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LOL, I’ll be sure to tell her you said that!

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Was this in a “DREAM”?

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LMAO! Nope. But if you’d like, I can give an incredibly detailed description of the Japanese computer nerd I was dating in my dream last night. I wonder what it means…

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Better not be anime !

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I was excited for you until I read “Fruit Cake”. That’s almost a threat.

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Actually, she makes a damn good fruitcake. I’m not a fan of fruitcakes, trust me, but hers is delicious!

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Was it a pan cake?

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She did send it in a pan

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I hope it was a cake you could insert your fingers deep into the soft creamy centre & then lick those digits dry.

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I must be weird. I like fruit cake. She can send me one any day.

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Greenish flecks in it? then yes, she’s into you.

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Hey, I just realized something:

I did not receive a fruitcake from a few of my own lady friends. Does this mean that they all like me?

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Yes, it means she likes you. But you knew that. She likes you a really lot. In fact, she would… well, better not say that if it’s a jelly. She might not like me divulging her secrets. And I’d lose any chance I had of a fruitcake of my own. I love fruitcake.

Anyway, count yourself lucky,

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Was it left out in the rain? She’ll never have the recipe again…

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Yeah I think she thinks you’re pretty cool. Now what I’d worry about is if someone sent you a bomb, or a cake with a bomb in it.

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Watch out…that cake can make you drunk! I got one last year. ;)

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@zenvelo: Great reference. Now I wanna dance.

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@augustlan Yeah, I got one last year, too. Doesn’t she make a yummalicious fruitcake? I haven’t gotten drunk yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed…

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I bought myself a fruit cake today, just remembering this thread.

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