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How good is my painting of Dr. J?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) December 21st, 2012

I lurve you Dr.J!

I think it’s coolies because Dr. J is awesome. What do you think? Think you can do better? I’d like to see you try.

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You are a true artist.

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@AshLeigh Thank you! It took me a few tries to get his tentacles right…

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I like it all except for the word ‘coolies.’

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By Dr J. you mean Julius Erving, right? Show him dunking.

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Good job!

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If you can’t say anything kind, don’t say anything at all. Never lie. So it is that I shall refrain from commenting on your rendition of the fluther logo dude.

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Lol nice. :)

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Very, very cool! This picture made my day! : )

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Nice try but his testicles tentacles are all wrong.

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@zensky I tried darn it! :D It was a little hard…

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