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Do you and your spouse/SO agree on what temperature to keep the thermostat at?

Asked by JLeslie (54557points) December 21st, 2012

This came up on another Q. I stated men tend to be warmer than women (not always of course) and that it can be annoying to always be fighting over the temperature in the house. In the winter I want it warmer than my husband, and I already have on two layers and a blanket on top when sitting in front of the TV. In the middle of the night he usually winds up throwing the blankets off he is so warm, and I actually have an extra blanket on top of our down comforter on my side.

So, what is the case in your house? Who is always cold? Who is always warm? Does it cause any problems?

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I have always been colder than my male partners. I have a feeling that will be more pronounced when I moved to Scotland somehow!!

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I can’t comment at all on the question of whether men are warmer/colder..we seem well matched on that front (hubby & me)..but I can answer the first question: we have NO conflict at all on the thermostat because although he programmed it, he never complains if I turn it up or turn it down.
In fact it’s one of the few things we’ve never fought about…which should be a lesson to him & all husbands elsewhere:
Cede control (of the thermostat, remote control, check book, etc.) and your life will be free of conflict and your days filled with happiness. :D

Or, as the saying goes at our house:
“If mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.”

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Ha, not at all. He likes it cold, I like it hot. So sometimes we switch sides of bed in the winter so I’m by the heater. Sometimes, he goes to sleep in the other bedroom where it’s freezing.

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I’m more comfortable with cooler temperatures than my spouse. I think it has more to do with blood circulation than gender. I rarely feel cold, but turn up the thermostat when he feels cold or suggest he put on a sweater.

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It’s too freaking hot at her place. I tend to turn in down a notch. When I showed up at her place last night, she had it at 69. I put that puppy down to 64. :)

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My darling husband has complete control of the thermostat summer and winter. Since he is poikilothermic I have no choice but to go along with it. Oddly I usually find myself feeling hot in the winter time and bundling up at bed time during the summer.

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We’re both cheap. There is never any conflict. If you’re cold throw another log on the fire.

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I’m a woman, and my husband is always turning the heat up way too high in the house & the car. But, I don’t know that it’s helpful to the root of your question, since he has thyroid issues.

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We usually agree, but there are times when I am warmer or when he feels colder. We compromise and make adjustments without any problem. We don’t have that much wiggle room anyway, we try to conserve our electricity in the summer and propane in the winter to save money.

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@jonsblond I’m all about bundlin’ up indoors if need be. :)

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basically we do. He I think is more comfortable than I am at colder temperatures.

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She’s always cold, like an eskimo’s arse crack, so no, we very rarely agree.

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In every relationship I’ve been in, I’ve been more comfortable at cooler temperatures than my partner. Judging by the response on this question (even if it isn’t a representative sample), I think that on average, men tend to like it cooler than women.

In my house, we have extra blankets on my wife’s side of the bed. And I sleep nude. I keep hoping that on the hottest nights, she might also sleep nude, but so far, that has not been the case. And oddly, she’s been the one calling for a/c more than me.

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I used to prefer cooler temperatures, but that is changing as I age. We are pretty close in temperature preferences, though. I programmed the thermostat and occasionally adjust it to the situation, and he hasn’t complained yet.

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It used to be that I was always cold and my partner didn’t care. Now, I don’t care either.So maybe there’s something in the gender theory, related to hormones.

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We have never argued about the thermostat. Given a choice we both prefer cool to warm or hot. We even moved our bedroom to the basement so that it is cooler in the summer. And as the fireplace that is part of our home heating system is also down there, I don’t see us getting cold in the winter.

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I get told off in summer for having the air con set lower than the ‘climate friendly’ 24 Celsius. I really only do this on very hot days.

In winter – we are pretty much in synch.

I get told off for wanting the window open and the Cardiffaire on so there is a gale force wind blowing through the room. I love to feel air movement while I sleep AND it keeps the mozzies away.

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My wife has Reflex Sympathy Disorder. It is a neurological condition and one of the symptoms is perceived temperature fluctuations. That thermo is up and down based on what she’s feeling at the time and then there are the fans….oh the fans. Sometimes I have to go outside in the summer to thaw out for a bit or my knees will ache and squeak. She’s hot, then cold, and there isn’t really anything different. Tends to be a bit maddening at times.

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My boyfriend is always warmer than I am. When he sleeps over I turn the heater down to 60, so he’s not too hot, and I make him keep me warm.
My mother and I have a silent war going on over the thermostat though. She keeps turning it up to 80! (We live in Alaska) and I like it at 65 or 70.

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@Bellatrix – I also like air movement. I like ceiling fans for this purpose. But I have no idea what mozzies areā€¦

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Mosquitos… they don’t like air movement.

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I’m always cold, my husband is always comfortable. My oldest grandson gave me a fleece throw blanket last year for Christmas, and I wrap up in it a lot.

My son is always cold and his wife is always hot.

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Nothing wrong with a hot wife

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My husband and I both like it cold. We’d prefer to keep the air conditioning at 67 degrees, but the power bill keeps us from doing that. We especially like it cold at night. I love to snuggle up in my blankets as I sleep without sweating. If he wakes up hot, he gets really grumpy.

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Not really. He loves to be cool and I love to be toasty. He’s always complaining that it is too hot and he hates being in my car which I keep at a very high temperature. I, on the other hand, feel cold most of the time. It’s great in bed though because he is always happy for me to have his share of the duvet as well as my own!!!

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Not really but he came over to my way of thinking. lol

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