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Anyone live in Bakersfield or Antelope Valley, CA? If so, what are some words to describe the 'spirit' of your community? And why?

Asked by sarahpariso (67points) December 21st, 2012

This is for a research project I’m doing, thanks!

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You know these places are 90 miles apart and have a great difference in the size of the populations.

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I’m in B town. Super conservative. Christian. Good ole boy, segregated, polluted, republican, family oriented, pro business, red neck, ....

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Hi Tropical Willie – I do know that, but the research is for a business that has branches in both locales, so I wanted to know about both areas – similarities, differences, one or the other. Thanks though!

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Thanks Judi! Would you mind telling me a bit more about how its ‘segregated’ and ‘good ole boy’? Also – do you enjoy living there? If so, what are the best things about it for you?

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Aside from the pollution and the smell, if you have money it is a very good place to raise children. It is still a pretty male dominated culture and a lot of business is still based on a handshake. There is a tight knit group of business people and breaking in is sometimes hard.
On the other hand, acceptable is OK here. Not a real high standard of excellence so if you try a little harder than the next guy it is easy to stand out.
If you don’t have money here you are not even noticed by those that do. The poor stay to their own neighborhoods and about the only time you seer them is at the DMV. (Sad but true., I’ve lived in both worlds and the “haves” don’t have a clue about life as a “have not.”)
Bakersfield police also have a reputation for shooting first and asking questions later. Some LA gang initiations involve coming to Bakersfield to commit crimes because you’re more likely to get shot by a Bakersfield police officer.
If you have a newer car and live on the west side of town you are treated very well by law enforcement.
Traffic was designed great here. Until recently, most city streets were 55 MPH. They just reduced it to 45. All the newer neighborhoods are walled so children aren’t playing in the main streets. It is pretty easy to get across town here compared to other cities our size.

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