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Which period in history would you love to visit?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) December 21st, 2012

All of this chat about the Mayans has got me thinking more about different periods in history from around the world as well as different cultures. There have been so many civilizations around the world over thousands of years, so if you could, which one would you like to go back and visit and why?

If at all possible I would love to travel back to Ancient Egypt in order to watch the Pyramids being built and talk to the planners. My plan would then be to get in touch with the Discovery channel and others like them to point out where they went wrong and be extremely smug in the process.

Over to you.

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I would like to visit the 1920’s, just for the cultural richness, and economic prosperity. Plus I loved their naughty lifestyle, I would of course be a “Flapper girl”!! They seemed so careless and free. The fashions were great and of course the bob endured.

:) and of course the porn was so hot!

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I would like to go back to the garden of Eden and see what the earth was meant to be like.

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The Golden Age between 1899 and WWI.

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@JenniferP Has a pretty good one. But I would prefer to go into the future when people know how to be fair and decent to each other and we look like cave men.

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What a question, @TheProfoundPorcupine . I have been thinking about this since I was about 12. And now I’m in grad school for history, so I could write whole essays about this!

Are we to be invisible observers in a certain period, or participating agents?

My first thought was that I would like to meet Asoka and Siddhartha.

But I feel much more emotional connection to events in the twentieth century (or “the 1900s” as my undergrads call it…LMFAO)... Just in the twentieth century…I’d want to see some of the monster battles of the Great War, the various stages of the Soviet Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, the first invasions of World War II and definitely the battle of Stalingrad… Oh man, I’ll write a list and get back to you.

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I’d like to visit Tang Dynasty China to see the places made famous in Chinese art and poetry. I would like to experience an advanced culture that existed in harmony with the natural world.

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I just want to drink out of a whites only water fountain and tell everyone looking at me to suck it.

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I’d be up for an orgy or six back in the roman days, no skanks though, put it away dear!!

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1966 – 1979, so I could catch Pink Floyd at the very beginning before Syd began to unravel, and then every tour through to The Wall.

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I would love to have been around for for the age of steam locomotives and the building of the transcontinental railways in Canada and the USA. (I’d still want to have many of the benefits of modern society).

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Well, I would like to visit all of them but just to pick one – Tenochtitlan before the Spanish arrived.

Probably among the top 3 or 4 largest cities on Earth at the time, and the one we know the least about.

Dr Lawrence, you have probably read this already, but in case not – Nothing Like It in the World by Stephen Ambrose is one of my favorite books

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I would like to visit 20 years from now. Tech has progressed so much in the past few years, I would love to see the world in just 20 years. (that and the stock tips I could pick up)

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I’ve always wanted to experience Elizabethan England and see a Shakespeare play during that time, antebellum Louisiana and DC, or 1910 Europe.

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Sit invisibly in people’s living rooms during the establishment of the Soviet satellite states in Eastern Europe, the beat era and the concomitant red/pink scare in the U.S., the opening of the First Indochina War and definitely Dien Bien Phu, the Hungarian Revolution, bars in Havana, Moscow, and New York during the Cuban Missile Crisis, at least 10 world cities in 1968…

This question is too hard.

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I would also like to go back to the 1950s because it was a more simple time. They had the basic comforts that we have now but not all of the high tech gadgets. There was less crime and there were no wars being fought involving America. Drugs weren’t on the scene yet (not like now.) They did a poll in schools and asked what the main problems were with students and the answers were things like chewing gum in class and petty things. They later took the same poll, decades later and they were drugs and violence,etc.

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I’d love to be a teenager in the eighties. I was little back then, and I guess that was pretty cool, but I think the fashions and pop culture were really neat and interesting. It sucks that I couldn’t really partake in it. I’d totally be down to go watch cheesy slasher movies at the theater, the kinds like Friday the Thirteenth or Halloween that really only belong in the eighties, and I’d be one of those bad girls with big puffy hair, wearing ripped up stockings and a leather jacket full of zippers.
Playing classic Nintendo games, having cool knob televisions and thinking that having a landline phone in your room is the most badass thing ever.

Now I realize what I’m describing is just shit you see in movies, but I have a genuine interest and marvel with the eighties and its culture, especially for entertainment. Would have been cool to live through it as a teen or in my twenties.

Also, the Hyperborean Age woulda rocked.

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@Symbeline It really was like that !!

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@symbeline The best game from back then was MS Pacman.

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@Shippy See, I totally missed out then.

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Haight & Ashbury

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The medieval age, where I would be a wealthy damsel in distress rescued by a handsome, noble knight on his valiant steed, after he smashes my disgusting betrothed in a joust.

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There was a somewhat similar question here several months ago, so rather than type my answer up all over again, here’s the link; as you can see, my answer is all over the chronological map. ;-)

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