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How do I send a personal message to another user?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) December 21st, 2012

I can’t remember how to send a PM.. :(

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You can access it either by clicking on “Messages for you” and then replying to a message that you’ve already received, or you can click on the profile of the Jelly in question and then click “Message.” There might be other ways but I haven’t figured them out.

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It’s super easy.

Go to the user’s profile page.
Scroll down to where it says “leave a message”
Type in that box
Click “send message”

You are also able to reply to PMs in your Messages for You. Under the various messages, there is a little link that says “reply” which you click on, after which it provides you with another box to type into.

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Welcome (back) to Fluther.

Are you sure that you’ve recovered from your illness?

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I just type here and use the @. I have no secrets from the Collective. Resistance is futile.

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Thanks guys!
Yes, @CWOTUS. I’m sure I’ve recovered! There are a few things I need to relearn, but I shan’t be forgetting them again any time soon!

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And remember to leave the “private” box checked, or it will be displayed openly on the user’s profile page, and you can’t delete it.

Thank goodness “private” is the default. On another site I visit, you have to check the “private” box, or your message defaults to public.

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I am still careful in what I say in PM – even with the private button. This is the internet.

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Me too, @zensky. Good point. For instance, I never mention my real name or those of family members.

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