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Is seeing cardinals the bird a blessing or curse?

Asked by krjones61 (9points) December 21st, 2012

seeing cardinals birds a blessing or curse

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What would make you think cardinals are mixed up in such voodoo?

Answer: neither.

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Voodoo has not been proven either has anything else! People think what they are brought up to think , FAITH in many things dose come true. Thats all I’m saying. Thanks for your reponse! KJ61

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They are beautiful. Beauty is a blessing. Why do people find this simple truth to be so confusing?
Wait. I know the answer.
Because most of you have not been put at risk for death, and most of you have not administered death.
So most of you do not really understand beauty.
Too bad.

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Assuming you are asking about blessings and curses in the supernatural sense, then the answer is no. They don’t mean anything. @josie is right that they are a blessing in a more mundane sense, but that’s all there is to it.

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Seeing a bird is only seeing a bird. That’s all it means. That and what you imagine about it.

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A blessing. Because I love animals, and watching them brings me real happiness.

Notes on cardinals:
—The red males at my parents’ feeder were always a highlight of winter.
—The females are remarkably beautiful, too, the sharp contrast between the red and black with the dun-colored feathers always surprises me
—You can get special feeders for cardinals and finches. Their vertical beaks can pick out the seeds, other birds (and squirrels) can’t eat the food
—My grandmother from Colorado especially loved them, she didn’t have cardinals at home
—I’ve had cardinals in my yard tricked into raising cowbirds. Cowbird mothers lay eggs in cardinal nests. The redbirds raise the babies. It’s pretty funny when the cowbird is bigger than the parents, and they’re still regurgitating food for their lummox intruder.

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Welcome to Fluther.

It certainly wasn’t a blessing to Red Sox fans in 1967. No, I haven’t forgotten.

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