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How will the public statement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) influence public opinion concerning the response required in light of the massacre of 20 children and 6 adults in Connecticut a week ago today?

Asked by Dr_Lawrence (19595points) December 21st, 2012

Will the public embrace the proposal to post heavily armed people in and around all schools in America.

Will that response be viewed as necessary and sufficient to prevent future mass murders of innocents?

Will this work for movie theatres and shopping malls?

What should be done if you do not support the proposal offered by the NRA?

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I hope not at all. I don’t believe that people think putting more guns in the schools is the answer.

WHy does anyone need assault weapons or large clips?

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Apart from identifying those on the fringes of the debate, I can’t see how it will be a positive influence on the debate at all. I really can’t understand how anyone who is thinking clearly would want armed guards around schools. Strikes me as madness.

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Those armed guards will be targets. It will only work if each armed guard has an armed guard to watch their flanks.

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Wow, Nazi Germany much??

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I assume that most people will see it for the sales pitch that it is, ignore it, and get down to the business of creating better gun control legislation.

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The only way we can be really sure that each child is protected is for each child to pack a gun. That way, the child himself can shoot the attacker. Problem solved.

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A quick Google search says that Columbine had security guards on duty when that tragedy took place. Fat lot of good that was.

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The extreme gun nuts will embrace the NRA’s message, while the rest of us shake our heads at their lunacy.

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I don’t believe the majority of the public in the US will view the statement favorably this time. After the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, public attitudes about guns and violence have seemingly changed. I have no hard evidence to back this up. I have only what I read in the papers, on the Internet, and from conversations.

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What would you expect from the NRA? They propose more guns.

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That guy spewing out that scripted speech must have been that kid at school that everyone wanted to fart on, dumb as fuck & annoyingly stalkerish.

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