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How would Russia's refusal to allow us to adopt their children hurt us?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) December 21st, 2012

Of course, it would hurt us in the sense that we are so ethical that we would be forlorn that the children would suffer, but come on…we are helping Russia when we do that!

There must be something else they could do, like team up with Iran to stop us from getting oil?? Why hurt their own orphaned kids???

This is the exact reason we imposed sanctions in the first place! Humanitarian violations. We punish you for humanitarian reasons, and you respond with a humanitarian violation… good job.

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I think it allows for a rise in Russian nationalism. It could force more Russians to adopt and thus raise those kids with Russian values.

Some of the only things I could think of at the moment. :(

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I don’t know anything about this ban, but what is their reason for stopping US (or is it wider than that) citizens from adopting children from Russia?

Edit: Well it would appear after reading this that it’s a tit for tat political came. I am a bit on the fence about overseas adoptions but in this case, this decision seems to have little to do with the best interests of the children.

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It will only hurt Madonna

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It will hurt a number of American adults who wish to become parents through adoption, but can’t find children to adopt. Of course, it also hurts those children who remain in orphanages because no Russians will adopt them.

But it’s pretty silly. They are doing it for political reasons only. It won’t last long, I hope.

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Maybe it is a stark warning. They are saying, “We do not value our own people, how much less do you think we value you?”

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Have we ran out of local orphans to adopt-?

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I have no idea why the ban was placed. But really isn’t there enough needy kids in USA already? I know one was sent back. Not sure if this is the reason. I know in my country we adopt HERE first.

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They banned adoptions by colonials because apparently colonials are notorious for abusing those children. Russia is trying to protect its children from foreign child abusers.

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I am with @ragingloli here, It is a way of saying, “As bad as our nation is, children are safer here than in your country!”. Considering how low a bar that is, it should serve as a message.

Then again, the Radical Right thinks they lost the 2012 election because they weren’t radical enough, so I doubt anyone will get the hint and fix the reasons teh Russians feel their children are unsafe here.

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Actually, in the US, @Shippy, there is a shortage of white babies. They don’t encourage white folks to adopt black kids. Something about culturally appropriate upbringings. So there are lots of childless white couples seeking kids to adopt, and they travel all over the world to do it. They go to China, Korea, Russia, Tadjikistan, and anywhere they can find kids for adoption.

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@wundayatta Russia then could argue the same thing. Despite the color of their skin they too have cultural differences? Here we adopt black children. I do understand the cultural thing, but educated people would attempt to at least keep the kid informed regards their own culture. If it is really that necessary.

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Except Russia doesn’t care about cultural appropriateness. They just want the kids out of the orphanage.

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