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The end of the world didn't come but does that prove that it won't sometime in the future?

Asked by JenniferP (2113points) December 21st, 2012

I knew it wasn’t going to come yesterday. “No one knows the day or hour” as the Bible says. I also don’t give any validity to the Mayan calendar. But do you think that this whole thing about the end supposedly being here and then it not happening is going to lull people into a sense of false security?

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No. As any stock broker can tell you – it’s part of their standard disclaimer spiel, after all – “past performance is no guarantee of future results”.

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I am not sure what that false sense of security would be. What difference would anything we do make if the world was ending soon?

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Of course the world is going to end. In about 500 million years.

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@JenniferP If you don’t know the day or the hour, how could you be sure that it wouldn’t end yesterday? After all, yesterday was a day like any other.

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I don’t think that very many people actually expected the Mayan thing to be The End.

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Well, the world is going to end some day, certainly. What difference does it make though?

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It proves nothing. The end will come some day. Although I think it will be something that happens gradually. Not some big explosion that will erase all existence as we know it in a second. Probably human beings will die out long before the planet does. Famine, pollution, natural disasters, something like that.

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@augustlan @filmfann I believe that @JenniferP means from an evangelistic standpoint.

@glacial calling a particular day or hour is almost as good as saying when it’s not going to be.

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@Nullo I was assuming she was coming from that standpoint, but my question remains. Whether nature or a god shuts this whole thing down, there’s not much we could do about it, you know?

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The Rapture guy from last year had a lot more people who thought for sure it was going to happen, They didn’t get a sense of security, just a profound disillusionment.

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Truth is, everyday the world ENDS for thousands of people. It did a few days ago for those poor kids in Newtown. End of the world predictions, including what’s in the Bible is for those of us still living who are so bent on holding on to the fantasy that there is another life, a better one after this, just because we can’t accept the reality of dying one of these days, or if we are lucky, years.

We humans are the real world enders. How hard is it to prophesize about that? I have a friend who is so impressed about the prophecies in the Bible. I told him, dude, people who wrote that have been screwing each other’s lives for centuries, don’t you think they wouldn’t know what lies ahead already-?

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Millions of years from now when the sun expands to such a size that it implodes, any folks foolish enough to be still populating the earth will have to put a shitload of sunscreen on, it’s wall-e I feel for…poor little bugger.

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It will definitely end one day. It could be tomorrow. Who knows?

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The world is ending every minute for someone, 6,000 people will experience their own personal apocalypse during this hour alone.

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Everything ends. This world is recycled from the remains of ancient stellar cataclysms. Just look around: all of the matter you see was part of another world at some point. Ending makes beginning possible.

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Huh? Most certainly the world will end one day.

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Did you ever hear the statement if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters you’ll eventually end up with the typed word Shakespear? I’m sure with all of the dates being thrown around that maybe someone will get it right, if the ‘end’ does come prematurely that is. The odds of us dying from normal causes are more likely, so why worry about the end of times?

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I’ve probably already told this one…

A kid was dozing through a geology class as the professor droned on about the approximately 14 billion year history of the universe and the approximately 6 billion year history of the Earth. The professor continued to discuss the likely future of the Solar System and the destruction of the Earth a few billion years in the future.

The kid half-heard the news and bolted upright in his chair, waving his hand furiously for attention. The professor, glad to have finally gotten his attention, asked him for his input. “Would you repeat that last part, please?” he asked nervously.

“Certainly. In a few billion years the Sun will expand to many, many times its present size, at which point it will engulf and literally burn up the inner planets, including Mercury, Venus and Earth,” he said.

“Phew,” the kid said, relaxing and obviously relieved. “I thought you said a few million years.”

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Nothing is more certain than the fact that the world will end one day. However I think we’ll get more than a few months’ notice from a dying Sun.

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The Mayans actually did not prophesy the end of the world on 12/21/2012. That was just the end of one long-count cycle of their calendar, and the beginning of the next. They prophesied things far into the future, so they clearly didn’t think the world was ending yesterday. That was just some nonsense a bunch of con artists latched onto for fun, profit or both.

Hopefully, the failure of their con won’t lull anyone into a belief that the world will never end. I didn’t die yesterday either. That certainly doesn’t mean I will live forever.

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@JenniferP Live each day as if it was your last and you won’t have to worry about it. Start tomorrow!

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@Sunny2 In that case, suggesting that one should live each day as if it were the last probably shouldn’t be followed by the word ’‘tomorrow’’. :p

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