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What is the best chicken dish you ever had ever in the world?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) June 8th, 2008
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Chicken soup, like my grandmother made, loaded with pieces of chicken and fresh vegetables.

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my mom’s fried chicken…but the local Thai restaurant does a really good Thai BBQ chicken.

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Chicken flame, a super spicy but delicious chicken platter with traditional Asian spices, in Indonesia

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Chicken Madeira from The Cheesecake Factory.

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Basil Chicken (the basil was fried crunchy…yummy) from Chantanee, a Thai restaurant in Bellevue, WA.

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anything from super crown fried chicken!

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Chicken continental- Chicken with rice, cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, and some vegetables baked in a caserole pan.

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where is super crown fried chicken? Is it only in Philly ?

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chicken colombo it’s from Martinica ( French island) quite spicy its served with rice.

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A coq au vin in a French restaurant in the 1960’s. Chickens were happier then, the potatoes were the size of grapes, and the Burgundy used for the sauce was a premier cru.

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chicken with apricot jelly glaze, from the Cape Fear Cookbook..


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Banana Blossom Salad (with chicken) at “Silk” in Portland, Oregon, yesterday. I never wanted that salad to end.

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Chicken Paprikas (I guess you’d call it) in Hungary
(“csirke paprikas” in Hungarian)

find a Hungarian to make this for you…... slow-cooked and pureed peppers, onions, broth, spices, cream, etc with chicken served over little gnocchi-type pasta (“nokedli”)....... absolutely mouth-watering

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@zina It sounds delicious, would you by any chance have any links where I can get the recipe?

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My mom’s and gramma’s southern fried chicken was the best, but when I was a small kid and very picky eater, my cousin took us to Galatois in the French Quarter of New Orleans for lunch. I looked at the menu and saw nothing that I wanted. The waiters, who were on the side, speaking Cajun (first time I’d ever heard it) came over to take our order. When one of them saw my dilemma, he asked me if I liked chicken. He then promised that the chef would make me a special dish that he guaranteed I would like. It came out on a huge plate and I have no idea what the dish was, but it was a pile of chicken in a cream sauce that was unbelievable and loaded with vegetables Absolutely the best I’ve ever had. I guess it could have been anything, since it was someone’s kindness that gave it to me. I also like hearing the language and music to this day.

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