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Do clothes dryer balls really work?

Asked by nmguy (528points) December 22nd, 2012

I’m think about purchasing some clothes dryer balls. Do they really work?

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I use them, they seem to help move the clothes around and fluff them up. I sill use dryer sheets to prevent static, though.

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I use them but on’t really notice a difference.

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Not according to testing by Consumer Reports Mag.

Save your money.

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Yes; they soften clothes but its slightly difficult to know when they’re spent.

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I heard balling up some aluminum foil does the same thing (except for the smelly part of course) but it will take the static out of the clothes

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I really didn’t see a difference. They just bang around or get caught up in the clothes. If you simply want softer feeling clothes or for towels to feel fluffy, just be sure they are rinsed out well and do not over dry your clothes. Detergent or being to dry makes it stiff.

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I thought mine helped a bit in preventing sheets from rolling up in a ball; other than that, the only thing they seemed to do was make a lot of noise. I have stopped bothering with them.

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They are pretty good. Don’t know if they do any good, but the cat’s love them when they escape and roll across the floor.

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I also read negative reviews after I had bought and used them. It’s worse then putting a shoe in your dryer. I never did notice a difference.

I will also add that they are not eco friendly. I don’t know if that is a concern of yours or not.

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