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What's your AOTY?

Asked by Michael_Huntington (15895points) December 22nd, 2012

For plebs, AOTY= Album of the year
So what’s your favorite album of 2012? I enjoyed Swans’ The Seer, the remastered Dopesmoker and a bunch of other stuff. Ave Satanas

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I must admit, I download now – I don’t remember the last time I listened to a complete album.

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Jack White- Blunderbuss

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My guess at a translation was “all-occasion thank you.”

    —A pleb.

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Ancient World by Abney Park

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I looked at a list of albums for 2012 (Adele was 2011, I guess). The only album I knew was Nora Jones. My sister gave me a copy of that, and I listened to it once, and gave it away.

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Damn, I’ve barely listened to any albums from 2012. I am stuck pretty firmly in about 1992.
Wonky by Orbital was pretty good.
And now I am going to have to give a listen to Ancient World. Thanks @jerv!

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