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What makes this Christmas better than last year?

Asked by Pandora (32290points) December 22nd, 2012

I have both of my kids home for the Holidays this year!

I also had news today that a good and very deserving friend who was facing unemployment, will start a new job in January and it is closer to her home.
That is all I wanted for Christmas and I got it. Yeah!!!

Share why your holidays is special.

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He hadn’t come into my life a year ago…and I was in very rough shape due to a bad situation from the year before.

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I’ve got a great meal planned for Christmas… Tofurkey, roasted red, white, and blue potatoes, collards, and pineapple.
I’m not dating a sociopath anymore!
I’ve got facial hair and I just celebrated my 2nd anniversary on (the right) hormones.
I haven’t lost any of my vision yet.
I’ve got wonderful friends.
I just heard from the guy I love.

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Well, last year I had very little money and I fretted over not having enough to buy decent presents.

This year I don’t have any money, so there’s nothing to fret over.

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The election is over.

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We have a new baby in the family. She is so precious and absolutely beautiful.

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Both my kids will be home and we’re getting together with other family members. That hasn’t happened for at least 7 years.

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Last Christmas, I spent a total of 8 days in the hospital with a horribly abscessed tooth. The infection cleared up. The tooth was pulled. I survived.

This Christmas, I’m not sick, I am giving away some fun gifts, and on Boxing Day, I plan on introducing my daughters to the man I’ve been dating.

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A much smaller crowd for Christmas Eve than we had for Thanksgiving (14 v. 8).

Less stress due to having a little more cabbage.

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They’ve been crappy since my Mom died.

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@Mama_Cakes You remind me of the Christmas angel given to me upon my mother passing away last year. (May both moms be resting in peace.)

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My hubby has five days off leading up to it.

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I barely remember Christmas last year. I don’t remember if we stayed in town or went to my inlaws? I can’t really compare to last year. This Christmas season has been eventful. We went to some very nice Christmas parties and my husband accepted a new job, so we will be moving. I have a wedding to attend on the 29th, which I am very much looking forward to. Christmas itself I expect will be anticlimatic for my husband, which it often is, and makes me feel dissappointed for him. I guess maybe I should do something to try to make it more special for him?

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Because i’m still looking forward to it, xmas 2011 was so last year darling.

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My little Bump!

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Here are a couple of pics of the newest family member : )
Baby Anna
One of my favorites

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Oh, she looks like a sweet angel! That always has any Christmas beat. I still remember all my kids firsts. Congratulation! She’s beautiful. I love seeing babies smile. It always brings joy to my heart. Thanks for sharing.

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@Pandora You’re welcome! She is such a good baby, too. She rarely cries and is so happy.
Thanks! She truly is an angel.

She’s not my baby but my niece’s (she does a wonderful job sharing her, tho!)

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