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Does subway put laxatives in their food?

Asked by flip193 (208points) June 8th, 2008

Because every time you go you get that feeling

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i never have that feeling, so i guess not, why would they do it anyway?

meanwhile in subway headquarters
thick german accent “yez, we will put ze laxative in ze zubs, zat will teach zem to eat here!”

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LOL try going to a higher end sub place where you don’t get “that feeling” and see if you can get a footlong for five bucks.

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I might wonder if maybe you get that feeling because your body isn’t used to eating fresh vegetables?

Perhaps it isn’t Subway. Perhaps it is YOU!

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Perhaps you should change your question to “because every time I go there I get that feeling”.

If they did, their customer base wouldn’t be as large as it is.

Better question for you, is why do you keep going back?

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perhaps that’s how Jared lost all that weight?

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its not just be because when I go there with my friends they get the same feeling. And I always eat vegetables so its not just because of that.

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Some places will put additives into the water when rinsing their vegetables to keep them crisper for a longer period of time. I learned this some years ago when working at a restaurant myself, and it had a laxative effect. I have no idea what it is, though.

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Did you ever look at the roast beef? It has a purplish tint, almost like fish scales. After seeing that, I no longer eat there.

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who eats meat anyway? ;)

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Eating out is bad for you anyways. You never know how the food is prepared. Especially at the sandwich places. You have different people working there everyday and rarely see the same person twice! A lot of these workers are teenagers and really don’t follow the rules of sanitizing the work area.

@flip193: They could be cutting your sandwich that cut hundreds of others without being cleaned. Cross contamination is a huge thing in the food industry. If you ever go back there take a look at the work area and ask them if it’s clean. If you aren’t certain ask them to wipe it down and make sure they wash their hands.

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Im pretty sure macdonalds, krystals, and taco bell put laxatives in their food.

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DQ I believe that they used to put some kind of sulfite/sulfate into the rinse, especially when salad bars were in full swing everywhere. It kept the lettuce from turning brown. They stopped doing that (may have been outlawed) because it could cause asthma, etc. in certain people.

Then Dole came up with the “boutique” lettuce process, which didn’t use any and put a mix of lettuce in small bags. That increased both the variety and sales of lettuce. It’s cheaper to buy the heads and mix your own, but with smaller families, it isn’t practical and a lot is wasted. Another positive to “boutique” lettuce production are that it saved some family farm operations because they could sell smaller crops. We have a farm across the street that was saved that way. It also added greener lettuces to the mix, which are supposed to be more nutritional.

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Were you mean to the servers?! ;)

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First of all, the issue is not whether Subway is putting laxatives in their food, it is whether they are putting laxatives in YOUR food.

Now think about this, there are several thousand Subway locations, which by the way are almost all franchisees, not company-owned locations. Each location employs, what, 15 to 20 part-time employees over the course of a week. One commenter stated that this is a high turnover business so over the course of a year those 20 employees actually might be 50 employees. Multiply that by the number of years Subway has been in business and you come up with LOTS of people who have worked at Subway in the 30 years that they have been in operation. I would suspect that the number of people who have put in time there now living in the US would be what, at least 500,000?

Subway does not have just one vegetable and cold cut supplier, they have many, each of which has to manufacture or process the product to meet a certain set of standards devised by Subway. Subway will monitor the steps in the process or will do a quality control check on a sample of products delivered to their stores in order to verify quality and that the product meets Subway’s standards, such as they are.

If Subway was deliberately adding anything to its products with a known laxative effect don’t you think someone, like one of a half-million employees, would have noticed and blown the whistle on Subway at some point in the last thirty years?

The other thing to consider is WHY would they do that? Subway sells food, If they also manufactured toilet tissues or pay toilets, one might be able to construct a reason to put laxatives in food, but let’s get real, this is not happening.

But sometimes, it is understandable how a rumor might get started. For example, the other week in the office when some genius brought in a huge bowl of “diet” jellybeans which happened to be sweetened with sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that has the unexpected effect of causing flatulence in certain unsuspecting people. So when our colleagues walk by this huge bowl of jellybeans, dig out a huge handful and down ‘em quickly.. that is how you end up a half hour later with a number of folks heading to the washroom with this embarrassed, yet pained look on their faces.

Sorry if I rambled.

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Here is the link to Subway that will give you exactly what is in their food. In researching other foods sites, like MacDonalds, and Taco Bell; I was surprised to find Sorbitol and cocoa powder. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol, also called ‘glucitol’, that IS used to make Laxatives. Irritated Bowel Syndrome group sites will give you more information about what foods and restaurants are using Sorbitol that DOES cause that ‘feeling’; you referred to.
Franchises DO have to adhere to parent company policies, and can be reported if they are not.
Try going to Wendy’s, Subway, Maconalds, etc directly for their lists of ingerdients.

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because when i get that feeling, i need… colonal healing… makes me feel so fine, helps to relieve my behind…

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