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Are self-proclaimed straight men who deliberately rape other men really gay in your opinion?

Asked by Paradox25 (10174points) December 23rd, 2012

I know this question sounds strange, but read the brief details before responding. Many people, including some in various scientific fields, conclude that men raping other men is really about exerting power verses actually being sexually attracted to other males. Sometimes they’ll even use examples of homosexuality within the animal kingdom to try to verify this.

Many of these men, especially the ones in prison, will claim that they’re straight despite knowingly raping or even having sex with another guy. What I’m asking here is whether it is possible to have any type of sexual encounter with someone of the same sex without actually being a bi or homosexual? This question could pertain to women as well.

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I think so. Rape is about power not sexual attraction. I don’t see why this would be any difference in a same-sex situation.

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I agree, any rape is a power statement. So it works on all groups. I do find it interesting though, why less women feel the need to assert power.

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You’re either gay or you’re not, especially if you’re a guy.

Women on the other hand need attention, which makes them more likely to seek attention from the same sex.

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Holy shit, trigger warning and NSFW.

“Sexual orientation” labels can be prescriptive or descriptive.

@bucko‘s a comedian.

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“Trigger warning”?

How old are we?

Regarding the question: My answer is no as rape is not about sexual attraction.

Also there’s the matter of availability, as in man on man rape in prison that nobody wants to talk about.

Why? because only man on woman rape is rape.

You cannot foster an us vs them mentality unless there is an us and a them.

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In jail, men forcibly tattoo a crying woman on the back of a cell mate, so they can look at it while they are corn-holing their cell mate. That would not indicate homosexuality. In jail, it’s all about friction.

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@Crashsequence2012 Male on male rape is rape, same as male on female. Rape is power and violence, it’s not sex. There is female on female rape in prisons too. It’s all about power and dominance.

People don’t want to talk about rape in prison because it’s an admission of how horrible prisons are.

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@filmfann is right. It’s about getting one’s rocks off, and domination.

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There are a number of reasons for rape. From power to various levels agression and retribution to sexual attraction there is also a fantasy component.

I wouldn’t say one answer is applicable for all. Jail does seem to foster a lot triggers. Lack of privacy and control self and otherwise, humilaition, contficts with others power games and no where to escape.

Excess of testostorone build up of sexual tensions. Then you have to figure that there are criminals in jail and when surrounded by people they tend to influence you bring out and exagerrate your shared common characteristics.

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@bookish1 Sorry, but I’m not into using this (NSFW) label because I don’t see the point of it. I was on fluther for a couple of years now and it was only within the past year that I really started noticing this (NSFW) popping out of the woodwork. To each their own for how they prefer to advertise an uncomfortabe question.

@Crashsequence2012 You’re right that nobody wants to talk about male on male rape in prison. I find this frightening because lets face it, anybody can go to jail or even prison. I guess the mindset is that they’re still criminals. The last time I’ve checked though, when someone gets sentenced to prison the punishment is supposed to be confinement and loss of freedom, not torture and rape. Well I’m getting off topic here.

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Categorically, rape is as much about reproduction as consensual sex. Male-on-female rape is an opportunity for the man to reproduce. There are certainly cases made (e.g., Robin Baker’s) that homosexual acts by men actually facilitate reproductive functions. In that sense, homosexual rape may be an anomalous act having to do with reproduction too.

But it’s impossible to answer the OP’s question conclusively. It’s probably situational. But the kind of conditions where male-on-male rape probably most often occurs (e.g., incarceration) probably are rather extreme and anomalous. Between the sheer deprivation of heterosexual outlets and prison power politics, nevermind the fact that I presume prisoners don’t generally exhibit the highest moral development, men who would normally not commit a homosexual rape probably are driven to extremes they wouldn’t commit under normal circumstances.

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@Crashsequence2012 It isn’t rape if it’s two men? Are you serious? Rape is any unwanted penetration of a person by another person, by law. Granted, laws vary depending on where you live, but men can certainly rape men. What exactly would you call it?

As for the question, the answer is definitely, yes. Rape has absolutely nothing to do with physical attraction.

As for the prison example, there are men that rape other men (and are not necessarily gay) and men who have consensual sex with each other while in prison (also not necessarily gay). I’m not going to be cliche and say that “men have needs”, but as humans we desire sex (with some exceptions) and being in prison for years really limits your options. Sex might make them feel alive or like they’re not just a bunch if animals caged up; for a few minutes anyways.

It’s strange that people think a female can have sex with another female and not be a lesbian, which is true, but men can’t. Why is that?

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@livelaughlove21 @zenvelo I think that @Crashsequence2012 was being sarcastic when he claimed that only man on woman rape is rape. Probably because the issue of male on male rape in prison isn’t taken very seriously, despite being very common. Also, he already stated My answer is no as rape is not about sexual attraction.

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@Paradox25 Now that I reread it, you’re probably right about the sarcasm.

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My reply was sarcastic but those ITT didn’t catch my meaning:

Feminists downplay or disregard male on male rape because it doesn’t serve to promote the mentality that “man” is just another term for “potential rapist of women.”

Women being the only group that feminists are concerned about.

Men being raped as well as women establishes gender common ground, poison to the feminist movement.

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@Crashsequence2012: stop pretending everyone you disagree with is in one groupthink bloc. There are feminists across the political spectrum with wildly divergent views on nearly every imaginable topic to the point that even Sarah Palin tried to pick up the mantle.

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@Paradox25 “What I’m asking here is whether it is possible to have any type of sexual encounter with someone of the same sex without actually being a bi or homosexual?”

Have you never heard of experimentation? Some people discover that they are neither bisexual nor homosexual by having a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex and realizing it’s not for them. So yeah, it’s possible.

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