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My daughter has a calendar that ends on December 24th, did the Mayans get their dates wrong then?

Asked by ucme (45372points) December 23rd, 2012

It’s true, once she’s eaten all the little chocolates from those tiny windows it suddenly stops…could this be the advent of some apocalyptic nightmare falling on xmas day itself? I hope not, all the presents are wrapped & everything =0)

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No, it only means your daughter is going to end. After the last chocolate, there will be a poof, and she’ll be gone. ;-) Perhaps everyone around her will go up in a puff of smoke, too. The whole house even? Your village? Egads! This could get out of hand. You’d better take that calendar and burn it. I’m sure it’s got pagan origins.

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I ate all the chocolate in my calendar weeks ago and the world still hasn’t ended.

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A dream I had centered on a quest for prehistoric runes that would illuminate information about the cycles of man. I had only a sketchy puzzling description, three figures lag, one lagging behind but is in the middle, will point to a sign about our future.

I rode a bicycle through a small town on a coastal bluff, overlooking the sea, then onto a cliffside trail. At a rocky, steep spot where I had to stop to negotiate the trail, I suddenly noticed three rabbit petroglyphs with jeweled eyes. Rabbits are lagomorphs and these are the “three figures lag”.

There are two in the foreground. The center rabbit appears farther back, “lagging” behind, and its eye looks across the trail to more petroglyphs that resemble an old-fashioned baseball scoreboard.

That baseball scoreboard is only a little over ⅔ filled in, for humanity. It’s only the seventh-inning stretch.

Probably it’s time to stretch for some more chocolates to stuff behind the windows, it’s that part of the cycle.

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@Hawaii_Jake Village?? I know my town is small, but it’s still a town, not that there’s anything wrong with villages…some of my best friends are village idio…hang on!!
@Lightlyseared My son ate all his at once too, where’s the fucking spirit of xmas gone eh…where, where?

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@ucme really I wanted the Lego advent calendar but couldn’t bring my self to pay for it and couldn’t convince anyone else they like me enough to get it for me.

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@Lightlyseared Good choice; Lego is pretty hard on the teeth, and doesn’t taste as nice, either.

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@glacial oh I don’t know… I used to live on the stuff as a kid…

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You better start building a lifeboat, hurry up!

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God damnit! Just stop it!
I hold the monopoly on world destruction.
The end will be on Dec. 26th at exactly 11:59 pm after my birthday is over and before I need a morphine shot when looking at the credit card carnage. There you have it, root for the 26th! lol

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The advent calendar, as I understand it, is to help children count the days until Christmas. As if they need any help. Any child worth its salt knows in its bones exactly how many days there are until Christmas, with or without the help of the chocolate calendar.

Since this has to do with Christmas, it has nothing to do with Mayans. It might, however, be the end of your world if your daughter is not pleased with Christmas. Now I don’t have any kids, but I always tell friends that do that no matter how wealthy the are, giving the offspring a Lamborghini is going a tad too far. However, short of that, you have free rein to make Christmas a happy day of consumerism.

Assuming we never hear from you after the 25th, we’ll know you blew it as a father, and somehow brought down the wrath of Kahn on your own head. My sincere condolences in that instance. But I have faith. World without end, etc. I trust you will be happily boxing and fluthering from that day forward.

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@burntbonez Why must you tempt me so?

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It means Midder T’s in da crib, foo.

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Also actual answer, like two hours later, after seeing this question and thinking I hadn’t answered it…some theories suggest that the Mayans did fuck up, OR that people doing the calculations did; anyways, the end of the world is supposed to happen in 5015, not 2012. troo storee mang

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@Symbeline Quit your jibba-jabber sister, else aye knock ya upside da head!
@burntbonez You should write horror scripts, coz that shit was scary.

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@ucme You must lead a very sheltered life. That was a walk in the park compared to real horror stories that I could never write.

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