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Price stickers on gifts?

Asked by mrentropy (17168points) December 23rd, 2012

You know how it is: you buy a bunch of presents and before you start wrapping them you go over the packages and make sure there isn’t a price tag on it somewhere. If there is, you carefully try and pull it off so that the recipient doesn’t know how cheap what kind of budget you were on.

But does it matter any more? If someone really wanted to know how much you thought they were worth in dollar amounts they could just jump onto the Internet and find the general price of whatever it was you got them.

Me? If I find any (and these days with highly fluctuating prices it’s rare except on clothes items) I still take them off.

Do you leave them on? Try and carefully peel them off? Blot them out with a Magic Marker? Or do you print out your own price tag for twice what you paid and act like you missed that one?

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I always take them off. It was one of those things that was taught to me as a child with regards to manners. It’s still considered tacky to leave them on.

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I take them off. I hate it when the price is printed on the item itself, with no way to remove it. For those, I do my best to cover it with a marker, but it doesn’t always work. Grr.

That said, if I received a gift that still had a price tag on it, I wouldn’t be upset about it.

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I always take them off. I have missed one occasionally I am sure but it isn’t about how much you paid, it’s supposed to be about the thought. As the recipient, if I find a price ticket and the person is there I hand it back for them to remove. I don’t want to know how much the item cost. I am just glad they thought enough of me to buy me a present! I don’t want to say it’s bad manners to leave them on, but it feels that way and especially if you want to show how much you paid for the gift! Leaving the price tag on, unless it is deliberate so they can take it back if they don’t like it, shows a lack of care too.

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I take them off or black them out with a sharpie.

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Count me in as someone that removes them, but I don’t think twice if someone leaves it on or forgets one on a gift to me.
I do hate that some are next to impossible to remove, though. I was just griping about that, you’d almost think that this time of year stores would use easy to remove pricetags – especially on toys.

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They’re cheap @DigitalBlue. They could use stickers that would just peel off but they cost more.

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I even black out the bar codes on the packaging, just in case the recipient has their own scanner. ;-)

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@Incoherency_ Know that is a true purists. Awesome.

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I try my best to take them off neatly.

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I peel them off. It’s one of those things that I find perversely satisfying… getting a sticker off without leaving a trace of glue.

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I always remove pricetags. I had a grandmother that always left pricetags on gifts, I really appreciated the gifts but the practice always irked me, I’m quite sure it was deliberate, dear old Nana, she was as sharp as a tack.

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My intent is to take off the price, but there have been times I have missed it. I missed one recently and when the person opened the gift my husband noticed and was bothered that I had not taken it off. I wasn’t worried. It wasn’t a big deal, the item costs what it costs. It was inexpensive and not on sale. I don’t remember what it was.

I use a permanent marker if I cannot cut off the price.

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If I can peel of the price tag without it looking messy I do it, if not though, I just rub it out with magic marker.

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To the magic marker folk – do you do this to books?

I think I would rather receive a gift with a tag on it than a gift with a magic markered tag on it.

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@glacial Only if it will not soak through the pages.

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@glacial No, I’d never do it to a book or any actual present. I’m thinking more of toys and stuff that have the price printed directly on the packaging.

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@glacial If the ink will actually get on the product I won’t use the marker. I might us a pen instead. I might cover that sticker with a different sticker. If the sticker will peel of easily I might do that, but the UPC code is usually on that sticker. Sometimes I can just tear the price part of the sticker.

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I peel them off if possible or black them out. Or else I do what my mother often did and place a decorative sticker over the price label—a Christmas sticker or flowers or something nice. Yes, I have stickers.

I also try to remember to check the price stickers on things when I buy them; some are not made to be peelable. More than once I have taken an item such as a wallet or a notebook and said to the cashier, “If you can remove the price sticker without marring the item, I’ll buy it.” If they can’t, I walk away. That happened once with a very nice pen in an upscale store. Who wants a permanent sticky spot on an article you use, or the remnants of a label that you can’t peel or wash off?

The other day I bought a stainless steel ruler for my son and found that when I peeled off the price tag there was an unwashable gummy spot right on the cork backing. That item is going back to the store with a clear, firm statement of the reason.

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@Jeruba: I like that idea of asking the salesperson to take the sticker off!

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