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Seems like I get sick every winter why is this?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) December 23rd, 2012

I typically always get the cold this time of year. This year is no different I’ve currently got the minor sniffles and tiny coughs (mainly at night).

I mean do viruses become airborne during the rain or something?

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I’ve read that human respiratory passages get drier during cold weather and therefore become more susceptible to infection.

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Plus most people are indoors a lot and exposed to more people who are passing on the infections.

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Where do you live? You speak of rain not snow.

Your tiny coughs are probably caused by the mini sniffles you have. Constant drainage that at night is running down into your lung rather than blown out your nose. The cough is to get the stuff up out of your lungs. Or, if something is irritating your membranes nose and throat that might cause the excess muscous and throat irritation that gives you a cough.

Sick is usually something that I think of starting amd getting over it. Like a week long cold or bed ridden flu, etc. Sounds to me like you might have a winter or indoor allergy. Or, might be sensitive to the cold causing your nose to run. The cold temperatures can cause runny noses, then we touch our noses because they are running, or we cover our mouth with our hand when we cough, or cover our nose and mouth because they are cold, and then we just put the virus we have on our hand from the doorknob in our bodies. This is part of the reason illness Proliferates in cold weather, we touch our faces more. Plus, just being in doors more with more people.

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Wet weather is conducive to mold and spore growth. You may have allergies to these.
Also, there is a lack of fresh air during these months, due to being inside with doors closed.

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@JLeslie I live in San Diego

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I have found that drinking plenty of water with freshly squeezed lemons has helped reduce almost any chance of me getting sick or my husband. We both did it a lot last winter and neither of us got sick. When we started to show signs of getting ill we both would just up the amount we took for a day or so and it was gone before it really started. So far this year its working pretty well. We also orange juice and try to eat more fruit during the winter.

What was also suggested by others on here is true. All good reasons why we get sick. But there is one more thing.The long dark days of winter make us depressed (winter blues) and cause us stress, so our immune system suffers and it becomes harder for our bodies to battle viruses or bacteria.

Also, our bodies work hard at trying to keep us warm and that lessens the energy that would also be needed to boost your immune system. That is why so many people eat more during the winter. We need more calories to burn in the winter. Summer time we eat less but drink more because that helps keep our temperature down.

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There are a lot of theories about why we are less resistant to viruses in the winter, but I’m not sure if there is any proof about any of them yet.

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@pleiades During the summer do you usually have the windows open? And, closed during the winter? Then I would consider a dust allergy, you can be tested for it.

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Do you use an antibiotic wipe when you touch a grocery store cart? That’s one of the main sources of transmission.

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