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What songs would be on an album by Adele's ex-boyfriend?

Asked by filmfann (44523points) December 23rd, 2012

Adele wrote her album “21” on the emotions of being brokenhearted by an ex-boyfriend.
What songs might he write, or cover, on his own album?

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He would write hopeful, upbeat tunes about his current relationship with new girlfriend Taylor Swift.

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I Let her Love me, Then I Left

Why Buy The Milk When the Cow is Free

No Need for An Album, I Was the Dumper, Not the Dumpee

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Should’ve stuck around a little longer

My timing was a bitch

Stupid, stupid, stupid

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That’s not singing, that’s yodeling.

Sounds good on the CD (sounds bad in the shower)

What You Say?

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Why Does She Have a Toilet for a Mouth?

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From the Album 21 Again

Rolling Free
Rumors Ain’t Always True
Tables Turned Again
Remembering Isn’t All It’s Cut Out To Be
Rain Falls and Burns
Happy to Go
Leave it All
Waitin’ and Wastin’ Away
Only One Mulligan
Love’s Insane Song
Needy Girls Like You

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@PaulSadieMartin really? Why do you say that?

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