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Is there anything we can do about the over commercialization of Christmas?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) December 24th, 2012

Black Friday is one massive freak show, people fighting over gifts? I was also in a store yesterday finishing up some last minute shopping with my s/o. I was looking at some lures for my nephew, but they were a little pricey (Mepps spinners for the fishermen out there). I ask her if she wanted to pay that much. Throw them in the cart, we’ve got to get something. That’s Christmas? Is there anything we can do to make it less commercialized or are we stuck with it? And as always, humor appreciated.

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Behead King Charles I, abolish the monarchy, and start a commonwealth with Oliver Cromwell in charge who will then ban the celebration of Christmas in England in perpetuity (which hilariously means that its still illegal to celebrate Christmas in England today). He also banned the theatre, music and having a good time in general unfortunately.

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@Lightlyseared Sounds like a real fun guy. You have his cell or e-mail? It might be worth it.
Edit: What would you ask for back then?

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I dunno…Not to be hung for breaking minor traffic regs?

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I know how you feel, however, I think everyone out there is feeling the same way bar a few. Some are perhaps enjoying it you know. The ones where Christmas is “given” to them. I have been the Christmas supplier the last few years, and I’m resigning from this post.

I think the best way to tackle it is, which I have tried a few times before. Redesign Christmas. I have had it as picnics, or around the pool buffet, I even had a hot dog Christmas. But oddly the people I know still like Turkey. That huge dry old bird. And Ham, both of which I do not eat. I suggest a nude Christmas. Nude and Lewd.

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You are stuck with it. It will never change.

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I’m not sure whether the issue is “commercialism” per se – it sounds like you are stuck doing last-minute shopping amidst a horde of people also doing last minute-shopping, which is bound to be unpleasant. There’s not much you can do about everyone else, but you can avoid being confronted with this kind of experience if you do your Christmas shopping over the course of the year. Try looking for lures for your nephew in April or August – then you can take your time over making a selection, and you can think about which he would like, or which look nicer or work better. The sales staff will also be happier to spend time talking to you.

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@glacial More of an observation from looking around, as well as her comment. We’re usually done by doing what you said.

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I’m resigned to the fact that the commercialism will never change. For a long time I’d get really depressed at Christmas. Spend all year struggling to get out of debt and have to jump right back in because I’m obligated to buy familybstuff they don’t really need or will be using this time next year.

This year I just can’t do it.

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The only way to stop it is to stop buying into all this consumerist bullshit….. buttttt since thats never going to happen, what @JenniferP said.

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Join the congregation and Sing Hallelujah ! (instead of buying a hallelujah album on itunes, for example)
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping
Brothers and sisters, salvation from the shopocalypse is at hand.
Join the choir for a rousing round of What Would Jesus Buy?
These lovely folks are serious about it, but deliver the healing with a wonderful sense of humor.

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@dabbler Excellent! Best suggestion since “try electronic cigarettes”.

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