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People who celebrate Christmas or other December holidays (Chanukah, Yule): What kind of decorations do you have throughout your house to make it festive?

Asked by jca (35994points) December 24th, 2012

How do you decorate for the holidays?

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Nothing I am afraid, although it can look very pretty. Maybe one day I will get into that, in the future.

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This year, for various reasons, I only have a wreath and these really cute white ceramic penguins out. The penguins have little gold ties on.

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@chyna That sounds so pretty and unique

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I haven’t put up a big Xmas tree in over 10 years and prefer keeping my decorating simple but unusual, and inviting. My home is of an ethnic theme, lots of asian decor, Shinto screens, persian rug, bamboo lamps, teak wood tables etc.
This year I have created a gift alter beneath a carved, black and gold inlayed teak wood screen in the corner of my living room.

The screen is the backdrop for a tall, cone shaped and slatted black bamboo lamp that sits on a low slung chinese table. I have a red silk chinese lantern that sits on top of the lamp and is illuminated from the inside out. Hanging above on the screen is a spray of red plum blossom lights that trail down above the lamp and lantern.
Next to the arranged gifts beneath the lamp and screen is a 4 foot tall candle pedestal with a big red candle in a red glass holder on top, surrounded by a small wreath of red and green ribbons and tiny metallic bells

The gifts are piled in front, and backlit from the lamp and lantern.
Next to the gift alter I have a small, red, metallic Xmas tree that sits on an african woven footstool basket with small red lights on it and various little sprays of flowers and berries and leaves.
I also have strands of shimmering beads draped over other lamps in the living room and a garland of jingley, colorful metal bells strung across the carved monks on my temple gong.

My ceiling fan has a large cluster of red and gold bells hanging from it too.
The effect is quite charming and bonus…the 10 minute put up and take down, just the way I like it!

@Chyna….cute! I once decorated an indoor Palm tree with yellow glass ducklings and purple balls. It looked so cool!

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Not a thing since I moved away from my parents’ house. Our cat will ruin a Christmas tree and I’m hesitant to spend money on decorations that I’ll only use for a month or two out of the year. I’m afraid my house looks the same all year round.

We’ll decorate when we have kids, I’m sure, but even then we’ll keep it simple. No dancing Santa in the front yard or elaborate manger scene in the dining room.

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Im wearing my singing elf hat today.

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None. I’m Jewish, the menorah comes out for 8 days and then it is gone again.

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I don’t go overboard. I have a Christmas tree with lights and decorations. I have some bird cages (quite big and metal) with candles in and some hanging things to put tea lights in. So, the tree and candles about the place is it really.

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I go way overboard. I made ornaments and decorations every year for most of my life. . The skirt around the bottom has cross stitch squares for each member of the family, and more are added each year, as necessary.

I have a lighted two foot candy cane and a lighted wreath. I lined the edges of the room with a six inch wide ribbon of refraction paper and then taped lights all around the top of the room.

I put out the Holiday vases I made, with winter-type silk flowers in them. I have my village set up in the hall this year, because I’m having 10 people for dinner tomorrow. I bought three six inch stars made from some kind of shiny plastic that are lined up in front of my large screen TV, on a layer of cotton, along with a little cotton bear my son made when he was a boy. I also have a cardboard reindeer he made once.

My little grandsons have talked me into letting them open a present every night they were here, so I wrapped up some stuff I bought at dollar tree, some window clings, some winter hats and gloves, and two cocoa cups with packages of cocoa in them.

The refrigerator is full of pictures I printed out and they colored with some glitter markers I bought. There is a Christmas towel hanging on the stove and a giant stocking hanging on the cabinet. I have draped a tinsel rope over the TV cabinet and hung a lighted Santa Sleigh on it.

For Solstice night, we covered a table with aluminum foil and placed every kind of candle I have, about 20 and turned off all the lights.

There’s probably some stuff I left out, but I have to get the table ready for tomorrow

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I even decorate my bathrooms. Does that tell you anything? I have a ten foot tree. Villages, pillows, china, table clothes, center pieces, rugs, wreaths, stockings with beautiful hangers, poinsettas, a giant wreath outside, the lamppost wrapped in lights, I replace paintings with Christmas artwork.

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Your house sounds amazing @YARNLADY. I love the idea of letting the little ones open the sweet, thoughtful gifts from the Dollsr Tree.

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I put lights up all over the apartment (including in the bathrooms @bk !), the wife puts up tinseley things and little trees and little figurines show up here and there.
Sometimes we have a ‘holidays’ party and these decorations are a good foundation for that party.

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We don’t have a lot in the way of decorations; A 6-foot artificial tree in the corner, and a small 2-foot tree on a table in front of a light-lined picture window. We also have a lighted “deer family” on the lawn, and a wreath on the front door.

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