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If "Area 51" was real, are we prepared to know the truth?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) June 8th, 2008 from iPhone

Does it conflict with religion?

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Well many more people believe it does exist now after seeing a military base on google earth in exactly the same area as Area 51 is supposedly to be.

this place:

I think we could take it. I mean, it might be hard for people to believe, but the truth is the truth.
Religiously, maybe some people will just have to change their opinions. But let’s remember, God created more animals than just humans. so maybe he created life elsewhere too?

I personally think it did happen, but maybe not on the scale that it’s hyped up to be.
I’m also not religious, so I don’t really know about that part fairly.

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You mean our government might be lying to us about something? Get outta here!!!!

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I guess I should be used to it by now.

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it does exist. There is so much evidence…... And yes the governent is lying to us

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I’m prepared and I’d guess most of humanity could handle it without freaking out.


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Area 51 does exist like everybody has said already… And as for keeping secrets from us? um… NO SHIT! But I seriously doubt that we have already come into contact with UFO’s and aliens that the government knows about and withholds information from us. If there is “intelligent life” out there, they’d better be smart enough to stay the hell away from us. :\

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what has the existence of secret air base in the middle of new Mexico got to do with religion. The place must be littered with them if you believe all the conspiracy theories.

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If it hasn’t hurt us now, it won’t. We’re waiting for the government to tell us, we wouldn’t be the least surprised.

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@ backoff

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I know that most humans know that they are not alone in this universe. Judging by the fact that so many animals are newly found in our already “established” earth, we know that don’t know everything. There has to be other planets and other beings, we are ready.

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just because an animal is newly found doesnt mean it came from outer space. vast areas of rainforest haven been properly explored for example.

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@ Lightlyseared, what I meant is that there are so many things that we have yet explored on our planet, why would it be there isn’t life in outer space. It is such a vast entity, we have no idea what’s out there. So there is a possibility for aliens and Area 51

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It’s a matter of time before another planet starts developing ideals conditions for life(if it has not happened yet). It all depends on what you call live.

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I heard somewhere, or read it somewhere….that there are more planets in the universe than there are grains of sand on this Earth…if that were true, the existence of aliens shouldn’t be that far fetched…and if something really did happen out in Area 51, I think most people would be able to handle the truth.

As far as the religion aspect goes…I also remember someone reading to me from the bible something about 100 sheep, and 1 sheep was led astray…and as the person interepted in his mind was….100 creations ( or perhaps planets ), 1 led astray ( Earth and our ability of free will from the whole garden of Eden and the forbidden apple ) maybe whatever came here was from one of the other 99 planets?

Who knows? shrugs

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For those asking what this has to do with religion, I have heard people say that the idea of alien life (especially intelligent alien life) is in direct contradiction with Christianity and the Bible. They were using this as a way to say that science fiction involving aliens is of questionable moral status. ::rolleyes::

I am a Christian too, and I think that such thought patterns are pretty ridiculous. I also think that such thoughts are most likely to come from the same type of people who, for example, will never, ever accept evolution as fact, no matter how much evidence there is for it. Because of the position they have taken, for such a thing to be fact would be a devastating blow to their faith, and so it would take a heck of a lot to make them accept it.

I, for one (and I believe I’m in the minority of Christians), think that we should never label a potential scientific fact as being unquestionably in opposition to our faith. Foolish thoughts lead to foolish actions, such as the trial of Galileo.

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We have nuclear missiles aimed at our houses from other countries. We have terrorists in our backyards. Could a threat be any scarier? I think not.

So why would we panic knowing there was life out there?

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the universe is so huge, and the distances so utterly vast between where we are and where other beings that have lived long enough to evolve space travel that them coming here to do anal probes on Arkansas hillbillies is friggin ludicrous. You can theorize about faster than light travel and wormholes through space or whatever, but until there is extraordinary evidence for these extraordinary claims, it is all conjecture. The invisible pink unicorns on the moon are real under those circumstances, as is the invisible dragon that lives in my garage.

The belief in UFOs despite the complete lack of evidence only proves the point that people will continue to believe the most outrageous stuff, not because they have evidence, but because it makes them feel good to believe that space aliens want to impregnate our women and mutilate livestock. which is just odd, on the face of it.

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As someone who spent a somewhat embarrassing portion of his life research UFO phenomena, i’m willing to admit that upwards of 85% of all of it (sigthings of all kinds, abductions, implants, etc….) are either hoaxed or explained by normal phenomena. the remaining 15% though, is not simply “because it makes them feel good to believe that space aliens want to impregnate our women and mutilate livestock”. there have been, and will continue to be utterly unexplainable occurrences of Unidentified Flying Objects and other close encounters.

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“the complete lack of evidence”
i resent that claim

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Anyone who says “lack of Evidence” and that UFO’s and Aliens don’t exist ; surely has done NO research on this topic and is simply stating their own opinions .

“Area 51” IS very real and the occurances that were claimed ; DID take place there . All anyone has to do is a little RESEARCH and you’ll find out what REALLY Happened there at Roswell.

They recovered TWO “bodies” not of this earth. One was dead and the other one lived .

During “Project Blue Book”; BOTH bodies were taken to a special hanger at Wright Patterson Air Force Base outside Dayton/Fairborn, Ohio ; then several stories UNDERGROUND where they are kept to this day….
Also; in this heavily guarded hanger are remnants of spacecraft not of this earth , made of materials not know to human civilization.
I understand that they have since added a few more bodies and other items that have been discovered near UFO sighting sights….
THEY are among us… wheather we wish to believe it or not .

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I am but I am not sure about a lot of others out there. From my view in the cheap seats alien life or ET’s would blow holes in about every major religion begging the obvious question of who is now the supreme being?? Hiding this evidenece would be a huge priority to protect the religious status quo.

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@Cruiser EXACTLY ! That is why the very heavily guarded underground hanger at Wright Pat .. The world would go into such a panic IF alien life was totally publically exposed .
People can “Think” and “Believe” in alien life ; BUT once or IF the actual existance is acknowledged and the people shown the evidence that is kept hidden… Look Out !

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I believe in God and I think that it wouldn’t conflict with religion, but I do think that we wouldn’t be able to handle it. For instance, there could be aliens trying to make peace with us. Trying to live in our society for whatever reason, without hurting anybody. There’s already the KKK and Neo-Nazis, can you imagine what would happen if another species came to earth?
If they were not trying to make peace, however, then the US should fend them off as long as they can, but should tell us about it when and if it becomes a war on earth.

(not that I believe it or anything)

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@Cruiser I beg to differ. If God created the universe, and on one planet he created humans, then why couldn’t he have created another group of “people” on another planet. I would still worship God.

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@Pseudonym I see your point and I know it is not spelled out in the bible about other beings in other worlds created by God and that you gotta believe wholesale in the all mighty power of God to have created all things including things not yet discovered or written in the bible in order to prove your belief in the Lord. I just don’t buy into the ownership of one religion over everything created in my universe…way too much going on in this universe for one deity to have managed this incredible complex random expanse that is our universe.

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i really dont know if they truly exist in the universe…i really believe in God..but the universe is too vast to doubt if they are real….

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Many of us could accept it as long as we don’t actually see aliens. Talking and acceptance is one thing; seeing them on the White House lawn or in Area 51 on tv would be quite a different story.
Many people would go nuts, running and screaming in fear; many wouldn’t. they’d just chew their nails down to the knuckle.

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