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Does this sound like an anxiety disorder to you?

Asked by rockfan (9218points) December 24th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m visiting my relatives in another state, and I went to a Barnes & Noble today. It was a different layout than I was used to and I felt incredibly awkward. I’ve had similar experiences in new situations like these and I have a hard time moving by body naturally and making eye contact with people.

I pretend to look at things that I’m not even interested in order to avoid contact. People that see me probably assume that I’m in some sort of distress. And I know it’s completely irrational, but it’s uncontrollable. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Get an appointment and relax while you are visiting.

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You’re there for the books. Not for contact or socializing with others. I’d chill out if I were you.

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I can’t remember, are you in high school? I was kind of like this in high school. I don’t think it’s necessarily a disorder, but the mindset isn’t doing you any favors, and there’s no reason not to seek therapy if it’s bothering you.

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I feel this way most of the places I go. Especially B&N. I prefer Books-A-Million, really. But I digress… I just deal with it and try not to cry… or fall to the floor… or puke over everyone… or scream my lungs out in embarrassment…

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If you are in your teens? It could be egocentrism, an acute awareness of people ‘looking at you’ or feeling stared at. Resulting in social awkwardness. Or you could be stressed, or have social phobia. If it bothers you a lot, perhaps seek an expert opinion.

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I felt like that a lot in my teen years, too. I couldn’t even walk through the mall by myself because of it. In my case, it was anxiety, and it grew worse as I got older. If you feel it’s preventing you from living a full life, therapy couldn’t hurt.

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