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Do you pull over on the side of the road when you encounter a funeral?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 24th, 2012

or do you just keep driving and say “to hell with it if I don’t know them?”

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I don’t pull over and stop, but I am careful not to break the line, and to give them the right of way.

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I always pull over

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Out of respect for the dead, I would most definitely at least slow down

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I once drove for approximately 45 minutes in the middle of a funeral procession before I realized what was going on.

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@RandomGirl LMAO Is that true or were you just being humorous?

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I lived around the corner from two cemeteries for about fifteen years. The general pattern in the neighborhood was if they crossed you at an intersection to let them by. If they were going the other way, you just drove past them. If you were behind them you just waited until they were gone. If you were ahead. of them, then just keep on driving because you were fasted than them anyway.

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On a two lane I often will pull over and turn on my headlights. On a 4 lane I just move to the outside lane and turn on my headlights.

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Been lucky enough to never be in front of a funeral line. If I knew it was a definite funeral line, and I were in front though, I’d either speed up. I would never make a right handed turn into a line.

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I don’t pull over, but I give them the right of way and won’t break the procession line.

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@majorrich Why do you turn on your headlights? You are not part of the line.

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I’ve never encountered this to be honest, and I wasn’t aware that one should do anything different. Learn something new every day.

I certainly wouldn’t cut in on the procession line, though.

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I turn on my headlights to acknowledge the procession, but mostly because my car is a manual and so my brake lights aren’t on. My Father always insisted on it out of respect.

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@majorrich I had never heard of that before. I wonder how common it is to do it? So basically you are talking about your back lights being on. Back driving lights are not the same as brake lights anyway. And, the thing about the mourners cars is their headlights are on.

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Yeh. The last thing I need is to get rear ended in a Miata. So My clever scheme is to have some kind of lighting back there.

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@self_consuming_canibal: It’s true. I saw the procession going through town, so I pulled over and waited ‘til it was gone. I thought it was gone, so I proceeded to drive like normal. My mom was in the car with me, and she made the same mistake.

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@majorrich So, meaning you are stopped in a spot people would not expect you to be stopped so you switch on your lights? I’m just trying to make sure I understand the logic, I am not challenging you or anything. I drive a manual most of the time also. I never think to turn on my lights for that reason, I would turn on my hazards possibly. Or, have my foot on the brake.

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Pretty much. The roads in my town don’t have much in the way of shoulders, so I just want to be conspicuous. Being pretty small, A little black Miata is a good target for a texting moron. There are a lot of stupid people here. Turning on the lights really started from my Father, reasons unknown.

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@RandomGirl Wow! That was hilarious. Was you getting any angry or confused glares and what did you do when you realized that you were in the middle of the procession.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal: Actually I think people just though I was part of the procession. I didn’t do anything, because I realized when the procession turned down a different street than I was turning on. I’m glad the guy behind me knew the way.

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@RandomGirl Did you feel pretty embarrased or was you quite amused at yourself?

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@RandomGirl Well thanks for sharing your story, it made my day.

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I briefly drive dead slowly until after they pass, then I bury my foot to the floor.

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