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I really need help to connect my camera to my computer?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) December 25th, 2012

My computer is not great. It did have Windows XP, Prof, until one day it did a chkdsk and logged me off as a user. I didn’t have a password so I just kind of loaded the programs I use a lot. But I no longer have windows.

I use a Sony DSC T5 Cyber shot. It’s old, but anyway used to connect to download photos. I have searched for a driver from Sony but they all seem to be pay for things. Any help appreciated. I need my Xmas photos.

When I load on auto it says cannot find E which is the camera.

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if you computer has a USB port, wal-mart sells an adapter that will receive 8 types of memory disk commonly used in cameras. cost about $9

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I think you need more help than you realize here. Windows doesn’t do “random chkdsk” operations and uninstall itself. It just doesn’t.

You need a working Operating System. I don’t understand how you can “load the programs [you] use a lot” without the OS. This is all confusing to me.

If you have the disks for Windows XP then you can re-install that or get someone else to do it for you. If you don’t have the disks, then you may still be able to get a friend (or friendly tech) to install a bootleg copy for you, but I don’t recommend that.

Once you have a working (modern) OS such as XP, then you should be able to simply plug in the camera to the USB port and let the OS do its thing in recognizing it for normal operation.

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XP is like 12 years old. In computing terms that ain’t modern! But I agree with @CWOTUS you need to get the OS problem sorted first

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I agree that XP isn’t state of the art, but for a computer that’s been described as “not great”, it’s probably the best option, and especially if it worked once before. Our PCs at work still function with XP, and probably will for several more years. It’s at least functional.

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Thanks everyone, I was quite amazed, I went onto Sony help online, its a live portal where a Sony staff member assists you. Took about hour and a half to find the issue. I had to reinitialize my camera. It’s all good now. I am now a die hard Sony fan!! Thanks again for your help all.

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@Lightlyseared I am aware XP is old.

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Hi @Shippy, I was replying to the previous quip in a humourous manner. I thought that was clear without needing to spell it out…

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