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What is the Xmas present that you have ever put most thought into?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) December 25th, 2012

Now that Xmas is past for another year it is perhaps best to ask this particular question.

What is the present that you have ever put the most thought into? I’m not talking just about this year, but every year.

I think for me it was a present I put together for my grandfather one year. I had been talking to him about the presents he used to get when he was a child in the 20s and 30s and he spoke about how he would get things such as a yoyo, a book, an orange, and just little things like that. One year I went out and bought one of each thing he had mentioned and put them in a box to remind him of his childhood and he loved it.

So how about you?

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I always put thought into presents for people I care about. This year, my son’s father passed away (a few weeks ago). The loss is so shocking, so sudden, and we are devastated. His dad was very much a larger than life character. I felt a lot of the time, my son lived in his shadow. We did discuss this and I feel in a way he will flourish. So I got him a dream catcher. I want him to live his dreams now.

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@Shippy That really was a thoughtful present for your son. I am sure he would have loved it.

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I had a ring made for my mother with the birthstones of each of her children. We all went in on it and gave it to her. She loved it.

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When my daughter was 11 and taking guitar lessons and we set up an elaborate hide & seek game for her to find her new electric guitar and amp.
The best though, was when I took her on a 2.5 hour hot air, champagne balloon ride on her 21st birthday in late November.
We had to meet the balloonists at 5a.m. and drove another hour to our launch site.
It was so FUN!

We were bombed on champagne at sunrise drifting along 1000 feet up. Mind blowing!

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When I got into making stained glass my brother made me a work bench, put a lot of thought into it, measured me to see the best fit, looked on line for different designs.
To thank him I made him a large stained glass desert scene complete with cactus and sunset. It took me well over a hundred hours to complete it and I gave it to him for Christmas. He was thrilled with it.

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In guess that the Jitterbug Plus cell phone I gave my wife this Christmas must be it. I spent a lot of time agonizing about what to get her. One of her hobbies is thrift store shopping. Buy here anything she knows she could eventually find at 1/100th the cost at the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores, and she’ll be outraged at the wasteful spending. So a cell phone with service all set up and all the numbers she calls pre-programmed in was one thing she needed and would never have been able to find while Goodwill hunting.

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I got my mom a nice copy of the cookbook from 1959 that she got as a wedding present when she married my father, hers is in tatters and falling apart because she uses it all the time. She loved it because her index is long gone and this one is in new like condition so it has everything in tack. The cookbook has over 25,000 recipes and 1536 pages so its quite a large book with just about every and anything in it.

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Many years ago, I got all the boxes of old photos my grandparents had stored in their house and spent many hours piecing together a photo narrative of their lives together, in a really nice album. They were very touched when they opened it and spent Christmas day reliving some lovely memories. This year I made some gifts for my kids that I’m pretty excited about, but they haven’t opened them yet, so I can’t mention them here!

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@augustlan Tell us after they open them.

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@chyna They’re coming tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see them!

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Both thought and effort.

A few years ago, I spent much of the summer and autumn knitting a gorgeous (if I say so myself) sweater for my brother. I even used his favorite color.

He seemed pleased when he opened the box. He recently admitted, though, that he really doesn’t like sweaters, and he’d passed along my gift to someone else. I didn’t ask for any details; for all I know, my one-of-a-kind work of art might have gone to a thrift store or been put in the trash.

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The girls opened their handmade presents from me last night, and they really seemed to like them! Gift one: I framed some pretty scrapbook papers they’d picked out years ago, using inexpensive black frames from Target. Gift two: I decorated a different shaped porcelain ‘catch-all’ bowl for each of them, similar to these, using gold and silver. Third gift: I refashioned my great-grandmother’s triple strand antique pearl necklace (which was falling apart due to age) into modern jewelry for each of them. I made two pairs of earrings with the pearls and silver/black findings, and a necklace/wrap bracelet with sheer black ribbon ties.

All told, I spent less than $35.00 total for Christmas presents this year, and that includes 3 store-bought nail polishes and 8 hand-painted ornaments I made. Never in my life have I spent so little, and enjoyed the process so much.

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@augustlan And those are the best gifts ever!

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