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What gift do you plan to exchange, and what will you get in place of it?

Asked by ETpro (34552points) December 25th, 2012

Merry Christmas or, if you don’t celebrate it, happy whatever you do celebrate around the Winter Solstice. I’m just fine with my gifts. I’ve already put them to work. But I’m sure some received gifts that begged the question, “What were they thinking when they got me this?” If you’re in that boat, what was the lame gift, and what do you plan to exchange it for? Or will you just grin and bear it, not wanting to hurt the gift giver’s feelings?

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Gifts do not “beg questions”. They RAISE questions.
Also, since I do not get gifts, I have nothing to exchange.

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I didn’t expect anything but was given a candle, I love candles. A candle to me is a moment in paradise. It is a soothing item, that takes my mind to other worlds. I always give without expectation. Since not everyone can afford gifts. I never judge a present if I cannot use it (as I am allergic to certain foodstuffs) I pass it on, to some one who would love it.

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My guy very thoughtfully went all the way to the East side and got me a pair of my favorite Tripp pants (you know, the goth-chain-baggy-dude style they stopped carrying at Hot Topic a few years ago). Unfortunately they are too big. He says they don’t have any smaller sizes, either, so I’ll probably exchange them for a pair of new Doc Martens in some crazy pattern. Plus I’ll get to hang out in Trash and Vaudeville for a bit, which is always a treat.

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I’m giving my daughter her giant present today and what I will get in return is about ⅓ of my living room space back. lol

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It’s not a lame gift at all, far from it in fact, but it’s a duplicate. My sweet hubby thought he was buying a new perfume by Rihanna, but it’s her original scent which I already have. I’ll exchange it for a different one. But I told him, “Hey, at least this means you have consistent taste in fragrances!” as he originally picked that scent two years ago.

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If something like that every happened to me, which is never has, I would exchange a novelty gift for something I really needed, such as perfume for more kitchen storage boxes.

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Well….no odd gifts, but…I am seeing my infamous friend on Friday who always give me her leftover food as a “gift”, when, it is obvious, about 87% of the time, she is passing off her ham carcass as a gift from the universe, when in reality she just couldn’‘t quite pitch the freaking ham bone. lol
I have already planned to politely grill her about not bringing me all her leftover cookies and weirdness. NO! please don’t “give” me your weird leftovers! haha
Drives me nuts. Hey, I’m not dumpster diving for my supper, yet anyway.
Really! :-p

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@ragingloli Beg questions and raise questions. What’s the difference?

@Shippy Happy candle day. If I’d have known you liked candles that much, I’d have sent you one.

@wildpotato Works out in the end.

@WillWorkForChocolate Sounds like your man has a definitive taste in scents but a poor memory. A man cast in my own mold.

@YARNLADY In our kitchen, trash bags are a constant need, particularly when I cook.

@Coloma Send over the ham bones. Great for soup stock. But yeah, leftovers alone does not a present make. It rather suggests the gift giver thinks of you as their garbage disposal.

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“Begging the question” is a logical fallacy in which the offender makes an argument based on an unfounded premise, or a premise that requires the conclusion to be true in the first place.
“raising the question” means “might be interesting to know”.

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