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What's the best way to endure heartbreak?

Asked by ninjacolin (14204points) December 25th, 2012

Have a friend who is deeply wounded by a failed long term relationship. Such an awesome, accomplished, happy lady.. now more like a puddle with little to no appetite, boxes of Kleenex everywhere, and start trek reruns on the tv.

Of course, it just takes time for the heartbreak to subside or for the story to change.. but in the interim, what are some of the best way to spend heartbreak time?

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Take (force) her to go to a movie. Movies are good for escaping reality and seeing that the world still goes on.

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Have her do stuff with a group, something with both men and women who are open to just having fun together. Try checking out groups on meet up dot com.

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I agree with the movie idea. I’ll never forget how my best friend dragged me to see Kung Fu Hustle when I was absolutely shattered two days after my girlfriend broke up with me in high school.

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Do something crazy with her. When I was young my friends and I went dancing in a park fountain.
Help her remember something she loved to do but sacrificed for the relationship. Do it with her.
If all else fails, bring chocolate.

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Listen to her, be there for her, but most importantly, get her to have fun. Invite her out, be spontaneous, etc. Just try to help her to forget what’s got her down, and in my experience, the best thing for that is to have absurd amounts of fun.

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I thought Star Trek was a nice idea.
Just try to spend time with her. It doesn’t matter what you do, just don’t let her be alone all the time to wallow.

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Go for coffee. Yes, go to the movies. Do normal stuff that gets her off the sofa and out in the world (for a little while).

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Cool guys, good suggestions. :) Thank you!

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She should do what every woman does. Get a rebound guy!

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It has to run its course. It does help to call him a dirty rotten scoundrel and give her nice things to eat :)

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Downton Abbey

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