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Is it possible ovulation occur near to period dates?

Asked by Hanisain (1points) December 26th, 2012

Is it possible ovulation n fertilisation periods occur near to the period dates like 1 week before or so however periods are regular in 27–28 days of cycle in each month. Because i was experiencing
Discharging for 2 days before 1 week prior to my upcoming period. I am confused is it a sign of pregnancy or my ovulation time. Because i have noticed this month 14 days before upcoming period i was not discharging, so i can say i was not ovulate at that time.

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No one’s cycle is perfectly accurate, and there are many things that can make it go wonky. A sudden change in diet or exercise, an early-term miscarriage (you can very easily have one and just think it was a period), even a change in living circumstances, like moving in with a fertile female roommate (yay, evolution!) can affect your cycle. That’s why the “Good Catholic Girl” birth control method is only for the most stringent followers.

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Sorry, I was being facetious. Please see my edit, above.

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It is possible to have a weird month where you ovulate later than usual, meaning on day 21, but then your period should still be 14 days after that, unless that month is just totally botched up. If you ovulate on day 21 and actually get your period day 28, it is a sign that the later phase (luteal phase) of your cycle has some problems. If you are regular like clockwork, then it is unlikely you had an unusual cycle, but it does happen.

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Ok it means its not a sign of pregnancy? Its just late ovulation. But im sure my periods are regular which is due in 4,5 days of time.

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Funny thing about pregnancy – the early symptoms of pregnancy are pretty much the same as the symptoms of PMS.

If you’re questioning, take a test. Pee on a stick, and you’ll know. Well, you’ll be 98% sure if it’s positive.

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I had intercourse without protection four times in my fertile years and got pregnant all four times. And I also had very regular periods.

The timing of ovulation was, in all cases, much earlier than the conventional wisdom…only several days after my period had, allegedly stopped. The first time we really thought we were safe. Surprise.

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I thing more i have been pain on my back as well since 2 days. And i had unprotected intercourse on 15,22,23 dec and my period dates were 3–7 dec. last period was on 6th nov.
But on 23 i was observed white mucus is coming out in the morning and then afternoon i had intercourse. Then no mucus at all after that and then from 24th night to 26th night discharging with white mucus.

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Take a home test. If you continue to produce a discharge, see your OB/gyn and have him check for an STD.

Having intercourse on three separate occasions, over a week apart, is asking for trouble.

Read the instructions on the home pregnancy box for timing.

“A female is most fertile during ovulation and can become pregnant from unprotected sexual relations that took place anytime during this fertile period – basically, from the 5 days before ovulation to 1 days afterwards. Source

And this discounts aberrant egg and hormonal behavior..even a slight deviation from the statistical norm can leave you prenant.

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I’ve successfully (so far) used natural birth control methods for over 4½ years.

No sex between days 8 and 19 of your cycle. Day your period starts is day one. Fortunately, you could set the atomic clock by my cycle, so it works for me.

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