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Would you rather someone call and cancel plans with you or just be really late but not call and tell you?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 26th, 2012

I personally can’t stand it when someone’s late and doesn’t call to tell me they’re going to be late.

I can respect someone a lot more when they at least call and say that they’re going to be late rather than assume I’m just going to put my whole day on hold waiting for them.

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I wold take the “call and cancel” over really late and wondering.
I’d pick “call and converse” if that was a possible option.

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Being punctual is important to me and I feel its a form a disrespect to just stand someone up or be late with you letting them know. In this day and age with cell phones I always call even when I get tied up in unforeseen traffic to let someone know if I am not going to be on time.

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Call period. Late or cancel I want them to call. If you make me pick between your choices I would rather call and cancel, depending on what really late is to you. If they are going to be a half an hour late I probably would rather they show up. If it is an hour late, then that is too late.

FYI: arriving within 20 minutes of the agreed upon time is totally fine with me, especially if they are coming to my house to pick me up. If we need to make a reservation time or show, then I care about being on time, but if the “date” does not have rigid plans to begin with, a little late does not bother me in the least. Especially if I know someone has a habit of being 5–10 minutes late, and I can just expect that from them.

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I pick call and cancel. If they are going to be really late, I’m probably aggravated and won’t have that good of time anyway.

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I “would” – arrgh!

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It depends on what we’re meeting for. If this is a friend coming over for a drink and a natter, then “be really late and not call” wouldn’t bother me. If we have tickets to a show, definitely “call and cancel”.

But obviously, it’s better if the person can call and say they’ll be late. There must be few situations in which that would not be an option.

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Just call, either way. If you’re 10–15 minutes late, no biggie. Beyond that, I’d want a call to say how late they think they’ll be, at which point I may decide it’s better to cancel.

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Calling is always better. I couldn’t be sure of waiting longer than a half hour or so.

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I would have more respect if they called.

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Our most precious asset is our time. We donate that on occasion. It needs to be treated with respect.

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I have a friend who is always at least 45 minutes late but she is a very dear person. I just take a book when I am waiting.

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With cell phones we can keep in touch as we’re on the way to discuss how we’re doing with time. If someone is going to be hours late, we can do this another day. I have a friend that will regularly be about a half hour late. As long as I know, I can stop in a supermarket or something to kill time.

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Call and tell me you’ll be late. I don’t mind waiting for someone who plays fairly and gives me a heads-up.

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I would prefer the call with the option to cancel if their lateness would be an issue.
I also prefer this from my patients, because once one is late, it messes up the rest of my day.

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